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sigh~I might get this game for PC if is any good... for now more BF2 and warhawk... and burnout paradise

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GAH~ I hate this song
same with the razor commercial w/ this song.... arghhh

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Ya... I have over 200 hours on BF2 and I think is an amazing game... so I think 2142 is going to be amazing(w/ titan and stuff) then I pre-order 2142.... oh how wrong I am...

Anyway is great that BF3 is in development, cuz I read over BF herors... and it sounds pretty lame... is not a "free" game, you got to pay to get better weapon and stuff... so later in the game you will find the richest 8 years old kid have amazing weaponz that just owns everyone

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Ya this is exciting
I love the ninja gaiden series~

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My PS3 show the same problem that can only be turn on for 5 sec, but all u need to do is hold down the power button for 10 sec on the PS3 and it will work just fine...anyone same w/ me?

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right ummm hmmm
sorry i just dont see that... it sounds to me like your making those up

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360 is not a casual game console for me
I hated arcade games on 360, puzzle quest/pac-man champ/geometry war
but again... I guess you need to be @ ur own house playing those games.. not on ur friend 360...(all night halo 3 party lol)

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If i got the extra time and money i will def try this out...
great video w/ bonus content 10/10

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Wow... I was thinking about renting this game when it came out... now I am def buying it...

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now if there is a K-mart F1 as well...I would like to see both car battle it out

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free radical is one of my fav development team in video game industry !!! cant wait

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Man... I would love to have that pen, but I bet there will probably be a huge caution sign


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Is Over 9000?
Well I hope this game is better then the tenkaich series

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ya it doesnt work like that.... normal quad Q6600 is 2.4GHz that mean 2.4GHz share between the 4 core, the mobo is new for a xeon server. the mobo only support 8 fbdimm ram, u cant go up to 32 GB ram with Windows XP 64. BD/HD burner? lol'd... sounds to me those are bunch of goon have no idea what they r talking about, and just try to make a living through lies...

P.S. I send them a email... hahaha... can't wait to see their replies~

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ya thats some hardcore BS they try to pull... you didnt mod ur box and you pay the membership as anyone else... if you have a problem ms should deal with it... not telling you:oh just go buy another console.... im not made out of gold you know~

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^ I wish the robber dont get the gun in first place

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ummmm do u get the your select your wanted software list right after you sign up? or you got to wait 3 month?

tell me plz... otherwise im uninstalling the software lol

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Now they r just crazy~
oh those Ebayers....

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woot, techu z FTW? I also like that game for like 10 hours (till it gets really repetitive ...
and I do agree with you... alot of wii games does sucks...
heatseeker, NBA live 08, need for speed, etc etc.... is like a brand new game with last gen graphic and really lame control! yay?....
wii needs to work on its thrid party relationship, they got great games, but they almost all come from Nintendo or capcom.

random note: SFII on wii plz with a good control ...

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well having analog control will def move up lair in its value for me...
like the u-turn for dragon didn't really pick up for me... some time i need to jab my controller upward 3-4 times to get it right...

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