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dude read the article... people already donate 1000$ +
and why dont u man up and send em some money too?
or start a petition?

anyway... hope the kid gets well

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Im a Linux fanboy.... so LINUX FTW
but windows Xp and vista r not that bad either... well they r not that good.. meh 6/10 for vista from me and 7/10 for XP

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I hope so... I didnt like Kameo and Perfect dark 0 that much...
one thing i truly hate about rare as a company is they ruin Conker for me with the Xbox version /shed tears

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mmhmm same.. regards to this boy and family... but srsly this have very little thing attach to gaming community. Life's tough

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ya dude Linux is the bomb... with a little code of python, u can make ur Linux (Ubuntu) god like... i set up mine so it can simulate window events (gaming etc) but use way less memory than XP and Vista.

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is the guy retarded?
man he coulda just go up to the camera and ask for not post his face in public, he definitely got wut he deserved.

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wow dude...
They did the right thing and they r Pu$$y?
I dont get it... there is some thing wrong with your logic

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FOX NEWS!, and debate about SEXBOX hahaha... i pay money to see that

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I also have a friend who works in Sony tells me that later u can play 360 game on a PS3 and PS3 blu ray on 360/lol

what im trying to say is:
I dont believe a random forum poster with a very unclear screen shot, I would believe it, if its from either the developer or huge website like IGN, and even if it come out i wont buy it... since i have it for it for GameCube,PS2, and Wii already

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ya i have the feeling... this video just raise bunch of questions... good graphic, need some AA polishing tho~

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Im diggint this games-radar week of hate thing.. they will probly do one about PS3 and wii soon... hahhaha cant wait

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i think crysis have some bad coding... easy as that...
i understand its graphic and huge terrain and all that... but im pretty sure a better engine will come out that will look as good or better but require less power from ur rig... (hopefully Alan Wake)

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yea cant wait for their new game
the first one blow my mind on how well the sixaxis control is

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M0KILLaU hahaha good one, kudos+bubble to u
I cant wait to see wut they label Resident Evil 5

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GTEPWNT, u know internet is a worldwide thingy??? lol
there is people outside of US or North America browsing through this site everyday.
and i think it should be call vegas 1.2
ya thats right...

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cuz srsly... they never put a good patch through the first Vegas... im really disappointed. if they didnt patch it up this time... i might go start a anti Ubisoft Montreal petition hahahaha.... cuz i rent Lost Bought Assassin's Creed/Vega1&2, I cant say I'm happy with each of those products....

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wow... even tho i hate MS and their vista... Mac dont even come close with PC.
they overprice their software/hardware by slapping on an apple sign on to it... it makes me sick, for example the Iphone/Ipod etc the profit on those electronic is definitely over 50%

If you want a good computer with out microsoft software, go with PC + Linux... some Linux OS can simulate windows now so u can still play ur games

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the start of a flame war begins....
soon or later, someone gonna post 10 things wrong with microsoft... sigh~

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the only thing i use on my free vista ultimate ... is the dreamscene... Oooo moving background ~

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im sorry for the language... and the rent
but this Sh*t is the biggest problem of our society
USITC... we already seen the problem with DNA/human gene analysis... u got some douche randomly trade mark things... "oh ya im gonna trade mark this part of human gene for medicine use/ prevention" and then u got some hard working scientist spend his whole life try to make a better world... in the end his work is taken away from him and the douche makes the medicine so expensive...

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