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I would love to see a snatcher game remake.
but another new IP from Kojima wouldnt be bad at all =D

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^ calling all cars!~ 2?
lol just kidding, altough, I do enjoy that PSN title.
I hope is twisted metal

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I actually Hope is Wii version of Metal Gear Acid on the wii...
cuz I havn't touch my wii since super mario galaxy....
Wi(i) + Ac(!)d
but again the logo is call MGST
or maybe MGST is just a place holder = Metal Gear Solid tease

Oh well, guess we have to wait and see

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note to self... don't ever release a photo of yourself on NeoGaf...

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could this be the end of the world...... of warcarft?

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damn it.... my OS is Vista ultimate 64....
another reason for me to hate MS....

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i Dont know why, my driver didnt work...even i follow it step by step =.=
If someone can PM me and walk me through, that will be great~

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I work at a retail store... we usually get shipment of games 1 day behind US...

but why is uncharted greatest hit only available in EU

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this is not retarded
this is the first "hardcore" wii game... lol

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ummm no thanks...
because crytek got no support after the game is release... just look @ how many hacker is on each server...

i dont give a crap how good the graphic is, is about the gameplay

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no looking forward to this..
bought crysis, is not a great single-player game... and the multi-player support from the crytek team sucks, after 6 month every servers have at least 1 hacker, is not even funny.

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well the game is review by a guy who only done like 3-4 reviews and his article is on MMO, dunno why he would review a stealth action game

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well it was released in Japan like 2006...
but wow its looks good, might have to pick this one up, anyone know the release date?

edit:nvm its coming out Sep 9th

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@ 4.1
wow way to stereotype the Chinese, if u want to spam ur rasict hate please go do it somewhere else. most of the Chinese are not commie scumbags.
AngryXbot I totally agree with you, different country, different laws, if u that country obey their law easy as that.
But I think freedom of speech should never cross with common morality, it just wrong. I think in our culture, we take way too many things for granted.

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@1.3 totally agree with u
ya i play the game ... dude this game is def not a 4.5... dont know wut r they smoking those IGN journalist

there is some texture problem like "skin coat" collar will sometime blinks, and when u drink the tea that skin coat offers u can clear see the bad texture. but the gameplay is tight and is really fun, if ur a PS3 owner def rent this game first be4 judging it

but over all this game should get 7+/10 reviews...

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ya one of my friend quit WoW, becuz his girlfriend broke up with him...
then he re think about his life, quit drinking, smoking and quit playing WoW....

I got his left over golds.. and sold it on ebay~

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"I see a bunch of their titles slipping into next maybe next year will be the year of Sony."
Hur Hur Hur...
sorry, that was the worst Kim joke I have heard so far

but right now at this moment 360's line up is not great, they def need to announce some more title during E3

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ya thats wut i think as well...
is better than using a human shield...

MGS/splinter cell etc etc...
if the press dont pick on human shield they should not pick on meat shield....
sigh... way to go for copying fox news...

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Im picking up this game as well,
EB games @ Canada have a deal that if u pre order haze u can trade it in after 1 week to get full in store credit refund

lol at this quote
When driving a vehicle, will there be an option to view from in the car?
[DL] Not unless you have a PS3 in your own car.

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wow... this article is completely retarded...
unless by playing your console you mean eating it... ur penis will be fine

which stupid fool right this crap? and the article dont even have aurthor's name on it...

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