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good thing I didnt spend money on buying a silicon mote holder...
I will apply mine ASAP :D #1
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This game looks good, probably the best muti-platform game this year; However I want to see more gameplay video before I pre-order this game, the E3,TGS, Ubiday gameplay clip isnt exactly long, and they r kind of buggy, hope they fine tuned this game and be an amazing hit... #3
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I like this game design and style, Im not doubting the story and game play part... im doubting the video quality, DvD 9 is about 7.95 GB
, average quality of video in DivX coding is around 7mb/min, and with 20 hours it will waste 8.4GB...
I really dont care if I need to switch disk or not, i want to have a good quality cut scenes...

Edit: I remember when I use to play FFVIII on PC... switching disk for every 25 hour is not bad (it also tells you is time to relax... #1.5
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Haha, ya I remembered one of my friend is a apple fanboy/gamer, when he try to play WoW, he spend 3 hour trying to figure out how to talk to NPC... because there is no right click on a apple mouse... #2.2
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I like the 2007 in-game screen shot better
I'm a big fan of high dynamic lighting, and Naughty dog use them well #8
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Does it include PS eye games?
Games like Trials of Topoq, and Creature Feature?
because on if you buy PSeye for 39.99 it includes those games... #2
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ahh NBA games
I Download all the NBA demo on my PS3 and to be honest I dont like any of them.
The graphic on all 3 of the NBA games looks amazing but the gameplay is not, that pretty much sums up about the my opinion. I hope developers stop making 1 NBA game each year; instead they should make 1 per 3 or 4 years and improve the game quality. #1
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Is not about quantity of cut scenes, is about quality (mood and style)
but i doubt the video quality of the cut scenes will be amazing due to DVD 9's capacity
unless they are planning on using more than 1 DVD, which i think will probably be a good idea for the developers #1.3
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Ya, LBP looks like a great game with all that user generated content, but it don't have the brand name of MGS or FF, I believe LBP will move up the hardware sells, but not by a huge margin. #2.1
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I think this is good news for everyone
Bungie can create alot more games for the gaming industry and be more creative. I think is a good move by Bungie. #44
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I agree on what your saying... Warhawk is awesome, but alot of the title you said have not come out yet, the best is to wait and see how those game will be #22.1
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MGS is awesome, I like MGS better than Splinter cell for some reason...
I guess MGS is more heavy on the story
by the way, at 1:50 when David said DAMN it really sound like snake :D #5
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