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yes, give Hamilton 10.40 Mil $, while fire 250 of your employees : Great Plan EA...
I rather see EA use that 10.4 Mil to design a really good game. Sigh~

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okay worst mom of the years awards goes to.....

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My 3 reactions to the AD O.O >.> T.T
Now sony got some good ads now... white room and this is living commercial sucks compare to this one.

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for me, its the camera movement + great animation that this game THE BOMB for me, fighting giant never look so good!

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I think is a great move by Sony, since they cut down the PSX chip in 40,80GB PS3. If Sony promote PS2 well it can esaily match Wii in this holiday season (and they already have plan to put motion sensor in their new accesory), because the console is cheap, it already have a huge game libary. When paretns buy their kids a game console they usually go for the cheapest one.... in this case its the PS2 with a huge skid full for $8.88-$30 games

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great news, now it will balance out on the "paramount went to HD" thing... except iI don't think BDA pay any money to WB...

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KOTOR 3 or some amazing RPG game please :D

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I feel sorry for his mental illness, and i agree with you... lock the whole family up... you can't blame it on video game or the mental challenge guy... the family should be extra careful then... jeez this news make me very angry >.<

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what, i finished this game and there aren't any lucky charms !!!! same as the portal there is NO CAKE!

ya this is really weird, maybe they got hacked?
or they just want to post this up as a joke....

just incase they take this thing down... here is a capture image

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well my best budget game is Earth defense force 2013 for the 360 or something...
lol I pay $7 and is the most fun you can ever have with 7 dollars

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I agree with most things on the list except for, COD4 should be 1st , mass effect 3rd, uncharted 4th and assassin creed should be 7th or off the list, just because there isn't enough infomation and gameplay/control video yet...

AC is due to release this november, but i think it might got delay... because on the newest video, FPS isn't constant w/ some bad animation on assassin normal walking...
but if they fix those problem and this game gets decent control, then I'm pre...

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NICE!! I can't wait for the next holiday season? lol
FFXIII,KZ2,RFOM2 thats great :D

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Is not really Sony vs Toshiba....
is more "BDA" vs toshiba... and i think BDA will win...

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nice box art, great use of contrast theme...
I just might pre-order this game...

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haha... reading through the comments made my day... (PedoBear Seal of approval? lol jk)
I have to agree there aren't alot of female game producer out there today that makes good game, but again im not even sure if Assassin's Creed will even be good.... judging from the video released yesterday, they still need time to work on character animation.

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ya I was right on the money...
totally see this one coming when they post the UPC code up...

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If they release it 2009... then I won't buy it till 2011... simple as that, they really should at least support 1 generation of console for 7-10 years...

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probably just Wii and the new wii-mote jacket.... without wii sport or something like that

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I laugh so hard when he said 4 WHEELS OF FURY!

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Wow wut a retard...

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