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marketing works best when the price is right. sony are not in a position to be doing panic price drops like nintendo. they always go in for the marathon. first they go in for the hardcore crowd and for that you dont need massive marketing budgets. when they can get the price down to 199 or 179 they will market it because at that price people might start considering it and buy it once they see games for it. right now sony focus is probably in building good library so when the time comes they c...

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i stopped watching wwe after the austin/rock era. those were some good times. maybe they will incorporate some of the story lines and stuff from that era and i might get mildly interested in this game.

while they are at it they need to make a vita version as well as the likelihood of me getting the game will increase.

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why are people still expecting price cuts. i highly doubt sony are going to take the nintendo route just to increase sales and lose on hardware especially in the first year. they will do bundles like the ac one which comes with the game for 249.99 and also has a memory card. they are in this for the long run. just like the ps3 they will eventually do well with the vita. in my opinion nintendo set a bad precedent with the huge price drop and now people will expect a price drop everytime hardwa...

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of course it is your preferred platform because you dont have a ps3. maybe if you actually buy a ps3 and play some of the highly acclaimed games then maybe you can decide if 360 is your preferred platform.

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you crack me up bro.just because they did not attract you does not mean they are not quality games. i hope you have played them to make that quality/quantity argument. uncharted games, killzone 2 and 3 resistance 3 journey god of war 3, heavy rain and more coming like last of us, beyond and there are many more. if you think any of these are not quality games i pity you. quality AND quantity is what I want

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YES!! YES!!! even though it would have been an awesome and an emotional ending if snake had shot himself in mgs4. more snake will always be good

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i think whoever wrote this opinion piece missed the part where mgs hd collection included peacewalker for xbox but yea i see mgs 5 being ps4 exclusive or atleast a timed exclusive.

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i think ninetndo gonna do the same thing they did with the 3ds. let the system release and starve people of games they really want and next holiday right before ps4 and xbox 720 they drop the price to 249 or 199 and release zelda, metroid, starfox etc.... 3ds killed the vita momentum by doing that

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i hope you understand what publishing means. QD maybe a third party developer but Sony is the one backing it and promoting it with their money. so your attempt at downplaying sony because qd is a third party developer is an epic fail and idiotic like the guy above said.
You don't consider last of us a new ip? go troll elsewhere buddy.

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retailers would be up in arms and stop supporting carrying your games is what i hear to why they dont do lower pricing on digital platforms at launch.

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not as good as the snow in uncharted 2 :P i understand it is open world and all just sayin

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watch dogs was impressive as well but not sure if that game is current gen. close call between the two. if they are both for current gen systems then I would go with watch dogs because that title is very ambitious and was a surprise out of nowhere. with last of us i was confident it was gonna be great because it is naughty dog. these two games are my highlights of e3 trailer and maybe beyond too but need to see gameplay.

I have to say i have finally been wowed at a halo trail...

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i guess you can be cynical about it in a way because they kinda deeply discounted most of this stuff the week before. i almost bought just cause 2 and infamous 2 last week with their ultimate deals but then i never got to it now this makes me happy :P feel sorry for people that had plus and paid for some of these titles last week. anyways loving my plus stuff and curious there is no vita integration stuff out yet.

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4 months in and 30 titles later and 60 more to come this year alone people still complaining about lack of games on vita. yea quite a few of them are ports but that is expected with a new system launch and yes they did not show enough vita games at the conference and yes they spent a little more than they should have with that wonderbook crap but come on people show a little patience.it has been less than 4 months since the vita came out. there 3 days left with e3, there is gamescom, tgs vga ...

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the conference is prime time and costs a lot more money. if sony had its conference at a different time it could have worked out a good deal. there is a reason why gttv airs at 1:00 am. microsoft and nintendo conference is in the afternoon and ea a little later and those times aren't gonna be incredibly expensive as the majority will be at work. just my guess

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wow relax dude. they are making a lot of money with the psp and its software in japan atleast. i am pretty sure once they release some quality software they will start turning a profit on vita as well in a couple of years. yes the market may be smaller this time around with the iphone/android competition. unlike the psp this has some good word about the device itself and the main problem people have is not enough quality software yet and imo it will do really well in the long term.

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i highly doubt they r gonna drop the price 3 months of release faster than nintendo. this article is just bs fishing for hits. there will be bundles but no price cut imo.

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maybe sony conference is at primetime and that sony is not going to pay millions just to have it aired on spike and vice versa spike knows a gaming convention no matter who isn't going to pull crazy number during primetime . who the hell is home watching spike in the afternoon on a weekday and hence microsoft and spike were able to secure that spot. do you see a reason why gttv airs at like 1:00 am because they have other shows lined up for primetime.

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they milk as well as provide new and risky ips like heavy rain, heavenly sword, starhawk. modnation, little big planet and many more coming. so what is better milking 3 ips like ms or milking 5 or 6 ips and also providing new ips at the same time?

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granted this deal is highly unlikely but would you buy the game digitally on psn for lets say 69.99 and u get a ps vita version as well with cross platform saving.

my guess is this is what sony is going for but the pricing might be 79.99 which is what mlb show came out for but don't think the mass market would bite for that price.

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