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haha :)

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well it seems NGP will only have PS3 games anyway, so why bother buying one...

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I agree with you AWBrawler, the sony fanboys only care about the graphics.

After seeing this I think it will be a PS3 vs Wii all over again. This new PSP will cost so much and suffer in sales while the 3DS will sell really good because of the casual gaming.

_I_ think the games for the 3DS will be as awesome as they were on the DS. The PSP did have some good games, but they weren't comparable to the DS. I'm calling out 3DS to be the winner of this ma...

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I don't mind the old Zelda formula, but a new one could even be better

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I agree, I play SC2 daily and the e-sport scene is just huge for this game. SC2 will be the biggest game yet in terms of competition and It's my game of the year.

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@ tigertron

no I was dead serious, maybe you should consider what I said. Some people just like good game mechanics instead of graphics.

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Maybe you should buy some more games for the wii and then maybe you will see the wii is superior to the competition. The only _good_ game on the PS3 for example is MGS4, the rest just plain sucks.

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Then why don't you go and enlighten us about all the great games coming this holiday?

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It's not the same Link as in Ocarina of time.

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Nah, not better than the Wii, but almost on par with :)

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Why don't you play some Zelda before you comment on this...

I can't name you one Zelda that's been bad and I have almost played everyone of them. Zelda is much more than just a name. Name one game that is on par with Zelda in gameplay, puzzles etc.

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I want a Triforce tat :)

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Zelda wii is enough to please me

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It's a good thing playing with people around the continents, because the strategies is different from Asia to EU.

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It's okey, Nintendo knows.

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Fang, Lulu, Terra, Tifa and Fran would be my choice.

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It would be cool if they made a new Unreal game. The first Unreal was awesome.

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The wizards in Zelda 1. They fly fast and it takes so many hits to kill them.

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And Yoshi looks so high :)

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Could you please tell me one memorial part in Killzone 2? I will be honest, but I can't think of one moment in that game that got me thinking "omg that's sooo epic". Sure it's a good game but not epic.

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