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Haha, Console fanboys bashes the crap out of Wii U because it has bad graphics but as soon as there is an article about PC vs consoles, they are talking about about how the games are much better on consoles and graphics doesn't matter.

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Ok, I will tell you games from this generation that I think are better and that is not PC games.

- Metal gear solid 4
- Zelda twilight princess
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Xenoblade Chronicles

Those games have PERFECT gameplay.

I don't really know if The last of us is a stealth game or combat game, because the gameplay didn't exceed in either of those.
And yes I understand that they want the player to deci...

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The game was great and all, but it's not the best game this generation.

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They should stick with that style on the 3ds.

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I have played 5 hours into the game. I have to say it's pretty good. I wouldn't go as far to say it's the game of the year yet though but it's certainly a contender.

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I have it already? pretty good game :p

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Im sorry to hear that thedon8982z because Wii is the best console in recent history. Yes, I have a PS2 and PS3 and I have to say the PS2 did actually have alot of good games but not as good as the Wii first party games.

I'm hyped to see Nintendos first party games for the Wii U. I'm pretty sure they will be really good.

Who cares about tech anyways? I have a PC for that...

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Am I the only one who thought this game looked generic and boring?

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I'm not gonna lie, the graphics looks like crap.

the foliage
the textures
the quality of pile of trash on the right

I expected more... Good thing Sony is releasing a new console soon

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So that's why Nintendo won last generation in terms of sales and games? The games Nintendo put out on the Wii is by far the best games last generation. Yes, I have a PS3 and played some xbox360 exclusives.

Wii U has been out for a few month and you are calling it dead? Mate, the games will come and it will be an iteration of last generation...

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Get real dudes. Graphics doesn't matter and all of you guys should know it because you are all playing on consoles... Consoles is about gameplay and that's why nintendo is the only company that delivers

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thats weird, should only be a top 1 because there are no good exclusives except MGS4

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That's one thing Squeenix still does right.

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people are still bitching about graphics? Didn't people learn from the ps3 launch that it doesnt matter?

Sure, the graphic in those games were okay but holy shit they were bad!
If you want graphics get a PC...

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haha, loving all the butthurt sony fanboys

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If you do some research, you would know that starbreeze isn't a company that produces generic FPS titles.

It's soo awesome to see a Syndicate title.

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Im so pumped, this game will be soo awesome with starbreeze behind it

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Wow, Do people still bitch about storage?.. It almost feels like the Sony fanboys needs confirmation all the time about superior storage format.

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Diablo 1 should be there

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I think a Sci-fi GTA game would be awesome :)

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