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...there are four. 4th is the loudest and you need to cover all ventilation holes to hear it. Extreme :) #2.1
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You are Darth Vader's apprentice and you are fighting storm troopers? I expect a twist in the story... #12
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It doesn't play subtitles from .divx container. It has to for full certification. #2.3
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Huge loss...
...for Sony. But than again, if someone offered me better money, I would quit too. #18
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Dang...'s looking pretty sick. Is my wait for perfect Star Wars action game over? #21
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...will probably get Chad Vader :D #23
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I'm connecting... N95 to PS3 without any problem. I can manage music, watch recorded videos or taken pictures. Even better, N95 has DLNA server built-in so there is no need for cable connection if you want to just watch something from your phone. PS3 is mighty indeed. #7
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Yes, I have high end PC and yet, I still won't be able to play Sony exclusives. But I will have fun with your precious GOW, Bioshock, SC5 and others. I was clearly speaking for myself. For me, as a gamer, x360 is useless. And I'm not rich, it's called hard work. #107.1
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For me the reason...
...I will never buy x360 is pretty obvious. All games will be/are available for PC sooner or later (gow, bioshock, lost planet etc.). Sony exclusives won't be... ever. #103
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