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Scenario mode is a$$ but online after the patch has been pretty much perfect for me.

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Completely changed online for me. If you play with green bars players, the lag is almost non-existant. You can actually block on reaction and break throws now. Good job Namco!

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...hahaha! Here, have a bubble... not!
Reality check. It is the best console ever made. Place doesn't matter. It's even better, keeps Sony constantly on their toes. They will own this holidays and you can't do anything about it, sorry.

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Best and most balanced Tekken to date.

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She's a Sony fan.

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...through the same. My PC and PS2 was taken, nothing else.

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Some old school beat'em up would be a welcome addition to my collection.

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Did you watch the video? It will post message to facebook only during syncing your trophies to the server. Which means 'never' because it doesn't work at the moment for many people (not me) :D

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Loved the first one and second can only be better.

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But I don't think we need to worry when it comes to Sony's studios.

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That would be excellent. Imagine this epic fights on the rooftops. Setting is perfect for multiplayer.

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What is so 'mega bomb' about it??
It's just a demo.

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He needs some serious help.

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It should also keep kids away from playing mature games.

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...the private squad feature! In BC, me and my friend were thrown so many times into the squad with some incompetent fools, it's not even funny :/. Thumbs up for the idea DICE!

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R6: Vegas didn't have first person cover system. Camera was switching to third.

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Only?? Jesus, man...:/

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Rare guys lost their touch :/

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Love them!

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