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Just shows how out of touch Nintendo is lately. They need a new leader with new vision.

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I concur. But I think next gen version will be available at some point. Maybe at the same time as PC version?

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One of the examples of how great gaming community really is :)

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I simply have no time or desire to wrestle with PC gaming. Simplicity of consoles has won me over 20 years ago.

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Looks like perk system is too hard to grasp for some. Cool easter egg btw.

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Apparently they will if they consider support for OR.

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640kb will do just fine :-)

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I lol'ed. PC sales are a fraction of what sells on consoles. Even Blizzard is jumping ship. Truth hurts indeed.

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How is it less money? If the rumors are true and every Xbox game will have a pass, you will need to buy it for pre owned games. Just like online pass today. MS earns nothing from used games on 360.

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You guys don't want to know how I've read this title o_O

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...all over again. But this time, the console is not even out yet. Ladies and gentleman, I present you the new low.

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You throw ease of use, which SteamBox really needs, out of the window.

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If it'll cost 300$, why not. The problem here is brand awareness. My mom doesn't know what Steam is, but knows exactly what Playstation and Xbox are. They need to gather to casuals, not us. It won't cost 300$ though, and my mom will probably never know nor care what Steam is. And who'll buy this? Certainly not people with high-end PCs and Steam on them.

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Of course, it would be an option. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would not be able to afford to pay initial launch price.

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I had the same feeling durong the presentaion. Maybe they will really explore other ways to sell it. 2 year contract perhaps, where you pay initial price (let's say, 100$) and the rest is taken in a form of subscription to PS+?

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I was really hoping that touch pad will also have one color LEDs for displaying virtual buttons.

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Yeah, it does a have a speaker and headset connector. Also, wired headset will be bundled with every console.

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Kaz is the one that always shows the look of a new platform. E3 is the place where we'll see him along with looks of PS4 hardware.

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