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"Long Live Play."


They never really stood a... ghost of a chance.

http://static3.wikia.nocook... #1
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All I know is, I want an Android version. #1
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That's true, but they sure make it seem like you're missing out with their marketing, and most people fall for it.

The PSP-1000 did feel well built, it could withstand any abuse you throw at it. The newer ones feel like they can fly away from your hands, and shatter into a million pieces on any impact. #8.1.1
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I wouldn't mind a new version, but it always sucks for people who buy something, and not a month later a new version is released, and for cheaper no less.

I got my Vita pretty much when it came out, but it would suck hard for someone to buy it, say this month, and a new version come out the following month with better hardware and reduced price.

That's why I slowed down with phones, one year is too fast for me now. #8
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Can't wait. #14
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People usually always go for the icing first though haha. In all seriousness for me single player first is always a must. I know a lot of people who would rather play online first though. #1.4.1
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They can be whatever they want, just because they look young doesn't mean they're underage.

That's the funny thing about art. It's not real, so imagination takes place.

They always try to make them look young and old at the same time though, I guess to be in the grey area. #11.1.1
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I would get this, but if this would have come out between August and September, I would have saved money for Dragon's Crown and Killzone: Mercenary in all honesty. Especially if it was simply a port of the original.

I would still buy it, since I really enjoy the idea of BioShock on the Vita, and I know it won't be coming out soon, if ever. #19
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Well she is one of the playable characters at least.

I would much rather prefer the Elf, because I like anything that has to do with archery and long range attacks.

August 6 can't come soon enough. #2.1
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Fixed the title:

"Why I signed the petition to destroy gaming, and everything it stands for" #15
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You do know a Canadian woman reported this kid right?

This, as much as she was trying to do the right thing, is ALL her fault. #13.1.2
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"A bit" That is not a "bit" much that's too much. Just because you can't handle dark jokes, doesn't mean everyone else can't.

Learn to accept reality. What this kid got was not warranted, at all. #12.4
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I have to say, if he hadn't been arrested and ended up hurting absolutely no one what would YOU have to say then?

It's a double edged sword. Evidence points to NO, he was not going to hurt anyone, and it was a stupid joke that A LOT of people make. I hear risque jokes all the time, all this happened because a simple misunderstanding. #9.5.1
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1. You're*
2. You're*
3. You're*
4. You're*
5. You're* #16.1
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Read what MasterCornholio just posted a few comments above.

They're actually almost exactly like the PlayStation Plus 60 minute trials... There is no such thing as free. #1.10.1
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A lot of people seem displeased with this... #3
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I don't think it's a pre-order option (at least in Amazon anymore), it's just there in the description. It's kind of like Project X Zone on the 3DS, that came with a lot of things as a LE version. Only first run copies will be LE. So I'm guessing only first run copes of this game will come with the art book.

It's still a good idea to pre-order it though. #9.1.1
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How is it misleading? Reading it based on the wording alone is saying the game will take 20 hours to complete JUST the story mode with each character.

There is still more fun to be had with online features. Also just because you beat the game doesn't mean you throw it away, you always come back to the game if it was good enough.

I still see myself going back to Castle Crashers now and again, and I know I've played that for a long time. #11.1.1
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Got this pre-ordered on my Vita, I can't wait for next month! #17
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This isn't really an issue of sexism, more of double standards when you think about it... #6
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