Long Live Play.


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I remember turning the aliasing down or off on Hair Works to get it running almost perfect

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1.5k to play Mad Max? Yeah nope.

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Sadly the same in America. Same rubbish being played day in and out. Radio just overall is terrible, at least a major portion of stations are.

Spotify and AUX cables is all that's needed in a car I feel.

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I've purchased a Steam Gift game once there. When I received it the game had already been used and I was unable to redeem it.

I quickly emailed the seller through the claims page on the site and I had a new key, which worked, by the next day. So I'm glad the site is legit in that way.

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He pretty much debunks that way of thinking in this video alone.

You should probably try watching it.

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Pretty sure this is a PC benchmark of DX12. Why anyone here is mentioning the Xbox One is beyond me.

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Oh please. Everyone knows this is bull. They know perfectly well what they're doing here, most don't even want the other games or the microtransaction. Plus the games bundled with them are less than $5 each, which making them bloated with GTA V to $80 USD is silly as hell.

On another note, using "the game is new" card is complete crap as well. The Witcher 3 is completely new (GTA V came out nex-gen in 2014) and is currently 10% off in the sale at the moment....

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If you want infinite money, on PC, just download the native trainer.

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Spec Ops: The Line.

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Early Access games is not a helpful comparison to your point. The amount of abused games on that system is unbelievable, there are many games which are left abandoned or released far too early which leave everyone feeling ripped off.

Just like Kickstarter we see people taking advantage of the system. Making your customer pay for everything isn't always the way things should be handled.

I agree with the notion that publishers should not utilize Kickstarte...

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Rock Band it is.

I've gotten into Guitar Hero lately again, and I just can't be bothered to learn the new guitar they created for this game. I'll stick to Rock Band since they will most likely support older hardware and even if they don't the instruments will be the same.

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As I mentioned in one of my comments earlier.

I don't feel new IPs deserve to have collector's editions. I have seen this opinion around and I feel I agree with it as well. I don't think these new games deserve to have statues and knickknacks made out of them.

Games with previous entries that are beloved by everyone should be the games that have collector's editions. Like Skyrim, GTA, and Call of Duty. All these games have a fanbase and deserv...

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It's ridiculous how they make these collector's editions for games that are new and might not be good at all. I still see jokes about Aiden's "iconic" cap being told to this day.

New IPs do not deserve collector's editions, developers/publishers can't tell if the game will be a success or not. No one wants a statue of a bland character if it turns out to be one.

But hey maybe some people just love the game no matter what and enjo...

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I agree so much with that. Really I feel last gen should end already. I feel for the people who still have last gen consoles only, and I'm not going to say for them to buy the new ones or that they're broke since they may own the older consoles for personal reasons. But I really feel last gen is holding the current gen back from its true potential.

Kind of like how PC gamers say consoles hold down graphics for them which I guess can be true in some cases.

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Sad, ain't it?

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The silhouette on the second picture kind of looks like a Lombax. It threw me off for a second lol

Looks good.

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Really despise multiplayer achievements. They really take the fun out of trying to get 100%. I wish they stopped doing this, they're really not needed. Especially in this game, a game with over 200 hidden package type items, ridiculously precise annoying stunt jumps, and many more things to do.

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Yeah cheap movie license games are too common to not be cautious. So I understand the fear many people had about this game, Mad Max films are great classic films but we know what the gaming industry does to movies.

Just recently have we seen movie game licensed games start to be great. Like Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

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It says it's only available for the JP version of the game. So yeah this is a waste if you don't own the JP version.

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It really doesn't matter how much Microsoft is worth. If one of their divisions is doing terrible why would they continue to run it? It doesn't matter if they have that much, business is business. At the end of the day if Microsoft is losing millions on Xbox they will close it down. It's all about making money not losing it. Investors would shy away.

Same applies to any company.

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