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"Long Live Play."


Yeah this looks pretty terrible... Reminds me of when I played it on my PlayStation 3 on release. I definitely wouldn't enjoy playing on extremely low settings like those, but I can see people who would not mind at all.

If anything I'd set textures to very high and everything else low. I would at least want my textures to be on-par and a little better than the console counterpart. #1.1
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Sadly, no. There are always repacks that these crackers make. You will probably find some in files sizes in the region of about 25 - 30 GB. People don't care if the download will take forever as long as they get the game.

This doesn't discourage pirates, it just makes their wait for the game a little longer and that's a maybe. #6
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Damn that article picture change! Lol. #24
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Yeah I see only one other comment pertaining to the article's subject.

Comment sectioned derailed by stupidity. I mean what can you expect here? #5.1.1
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Yeah maybe you can look like that with mods on the PC version soon. But the video end result looks nothing like the image on this article.

Still cool, I guess. #1
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There isn't much of a notable difference apart from jaggies. The PC version has more aliasing, as expected. At the end of the day the PC port of this game could have been better, and the PS4 version has features the PC one does not. Such as extra stages and the Soft Engine.

But I guess the mod trade-off for PC is greater, so the PC version potentially has more content at the end of the day. #8
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Stories like these are so annoying to read. These truly are sad times. #12
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The actual article linked to this page has nothing to do with the title. It's about pre-load being available today on PC, not comparisons. #5
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I pretty much agree that these games shouldn't be reviewed as final product since in most cases they're far from complete. I still don't think Early Access should exempt these games from any criticism, these kind of games should be thriving on criticisms. They tell the developer what's wrong with the current state of the game and such.

There are also some examples of quite terrible games that have no place in Early Access, they're either not to the point o... #1.3
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These were the claims:

As part of its launch campaign for the PS Vita, Sony claimed that the pocket-sized console would revolutionize gaming mobility by enabling consumers to play their PlayStation 3 games via “remote play,” and that they could engage in “cross platform” play by starting a game on a PS3 and then continuing it on the go, right where they left off, on a PS Vita. The FTC alleges that each of these claims was misleading.

In a related action, the... #7.3
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I inferred the opposite of what you said. It's known that Japan has whacky advertisements. So I figured it was just normal based on the title. But I can easily understand this being misleading for people who do not know Japanese advertisements and their weirdness compared to western ads. #2.1
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Well that's unfortunate. Apologies for not researching, just it's such a standard feature on PC games to have controller support so I assumed. Thanks for the correction. #4.1.1
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Good thing you can use a controller on the PC as well. #4.1
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I think it's safe to say no one wants this game anywhere near GFWL. It's a dead service and Resident Evil 5 was barely let loose from the bonds of that service. #21.1
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It links to Amazon which is currently $150. #2.1
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I'm pretty sure he didn't say those games were the reasons why any of them left. He stated they all hated the direction the games went to after they had left for whatever reason. Thus creating spiritual successors. #5.1.1
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They never really stood a... ghost of a chance.

http://static3.wikia.nocook... #1
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All I know is, I want an Android version. #1
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That's true, but they sure make it seem like you're missing out with their marketing, and most people fall for it.

The PSP-1000 did feel well built, it could withstand any abuse you throw at it. The newer ones feel like they can fly away from your hands, and shatter into a million pieces on any impact. #8.1.1
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I wouldn't mind a new version, but it always sucks for people who buy something, and not a month later a new version is released, and for cheaper no less.

I got my Vita pretty much when it came out, but it would suck hard for someone to buy it, say this month, and a new version come out the following month with better hardware and reduced price.

That's why I slowed down with phones, one year is too fast for me now. #8
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