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For those of u who saids it's in the manual.

Nobody reads the dam manual. Also to read the manual one must purchase the system.

Being in a manual is not a 'announcement'.

But yea sure, now I know becuz I'm on n4g. And I don't believe I'm a retard for not reading a manual I don't have.

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I don't have a extra outlet. How do they expect us to have one?

TV, PS3, xbox 360, ps4, x1, router, desktop, soundbar, cable box, modem, signal booster, pc monitor. Google Chrome cast.

At least this is my setup.

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@unholy one

When was that? Was it at E3? Or was it in some podcast nobody listens to.

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I checked the prices and I'd have to say the current PSN sale is absolutely disgusting.

But I know XBL sale sucks too
It's just that PSN sale sucks more. At least for the moment.

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"That is the main selling point but I have talked to everyone I know that owns a Switch and after the first month or so they didn't take it out of its dock"

I have the same experience.

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Dam bro. Must be nice. I miss that feeling.

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Yes septic.
'THIS' is how a hardware refresh is done.

It literally 'dwarfed' all others.

MS won't EVER be outdone in hardware again....

Thank u for ur input. Very informative.

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I'm genuinely disappointed Kinect is being dropped.

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Hope there is a trade in program. I want the x1x but not gonna throw down $500 for it.

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I agree FF9 is the best out of the series.

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Chrisx is trolling. But if u been on n4g for the last 10 years. Chrisx's comment isn't THAT bad. I've seen way worst. Folks, this comment section isn't to take things that seriously. Ur only gonna get butthurt.

what were u expecting from the comments when u saw the title and clicked on it?

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There's plenty of them on NA gamestop website. If anyone wanna snatched one up.

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Is it going to be cheaper on black friday?

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I want the xbox one x. Just don't wanna spend 500 for it though.

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Butcher troll is correct. Current sales, PSN has the better game selection and prices.

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There's really no need to argue. Just don't buy season pass.

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Also, It's not just Japan. If MS can break thru other Asian countries, they can break thru the Japanese market.

But they were never able to sell it to any Asian countries. Hence they will not make it in Japan either.

We all know what eastern countries like to play. MS ignores it. Than they wonder why xbox is not selling there.

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Good point.

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This article is not about Ubisoft or nintendo, or EA.

Its about Sony and MS.

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So .. should wait for Mass effect 4?
Since Andromeda will be scrapped?

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