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I also don't want to game on pc if I have the choice excluding RTS and blizzard games.

Otherwise I'll game on consoles anyday.

But if not given the choice, ps4/pc combo pretty much got u covered since pc doesn't require gold and it's cheaper and everybody has a pc that can be upgraded.

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U don't need to be in a relationship to be having sex. I mean, if a girl circles around u long enough, it's bound to happen.

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I think Microsoft should follow Sony's example and let us change out the internal hdd.

And Sony should follow Microsoft's example by letting ppl use external hdd for gaming instead of just content.

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Sony sent me a $10 code. But it passed the expiration time. CS said they will not issue me a new one =(

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Well.. thank u for the explanation. Interesting.

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nothing beats fallout 3 for me

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Xbox isn't leaving. But X1 could be the last Xbox Microsoft will be making .

It's just a upgraded Xbox one every few years. 'All in one box' console.

Kinda like windows 10 is the last windows to end all windows.

While u'll still see PS5 and PS6, Microsoft will make a upgraded xbox1.

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Games are great. But i need game systems to do more than just play games.

Yes i am missing out but i have a huge backlog of games i gotta go thru. So i dont feel rushed.

My 3yr old daughter needs the app. I cannot ask her to go to the web browser and type in youtube. Its a great way of me not giving her my phone so she can play w the vita.

Its not a deal breaker. Its more of a annoyance. Its also the reason i dont own a windows phone cuz mic...

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Obviously no. But i had it before and youtube app dont work properly, so i sold it.

It use to work great but it doesnt work properly no more. The app is not on the psn store but i have it on my download list. The old app thats never been updated.

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Got the same arguement w windows phone ppl, i need the youtube app so my 3yr daughter can get on it.

If its not a 'big deal', why cant sony bring it back? Make my life easier.

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In this particular case, yes.

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We will make xbox great again!

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I would buy a vita if it brings back the youtube app.

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Is blue dragon and lost odyssey a microsoft owned ip?

I kinda want MS to release a age of empire for xbox one.

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idk.. gamestop made a offer i couldn't refuse. so i just went out and bought a xbox one.

xbox one 299.99
$50 GS gc 50.00
Total 349.99

xbox360 -150.00 (trade-in)
i paid $199.99

i got the xbox one 500gb gears of war ultimate edition bundle (what a name) plus 1 free game (i chose rise of tomb raider). and a $50 gamestop giftcard.

one heck of a deal. i hope some of u guys jumped on this too.

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"Think that happened to a lot of people. When there was lots of work being done on the site everyone got bumped up to 10 then anyone who originally had 6 or below was brought back down to 6"

oh ic. yea i had 6 bubbles before than got bumped to 10. than went back to 6. and now im back to 10. and lets stop there plz.

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one day i woke up and went from 10 bubbles to 6 bubbles.. i dont even think i made any comments during that time. what's up with that? this was like 5 days ago or so.

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I heard the rumor 17 days ago. It wasnt even a rumor, i was reading a phil interview. I made a comment about it in my comment history replying to edmix.

Ditching x1 was a little bit of exxageration on my part.

Check my achievements. I got x1 achievements i was gwg games for being a gold member. I am still a gold member.

And yes i really did sell it and ordered a ps4 in that 17 day span.

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I understand how u feel.

As for me though, as soon as i heard phil ditching xbox for pc so they can reach as much consumers as possible, i sold my xbox one and got myself a ps4.

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I agree. we are not the mass. Cuz we dont really play games, we just talk about it ..

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