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I want the xbox one x. Just don't wanna spend 500 for it though.

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Butcher troll is correct. Current sales, PSN has the better game selection and prices.

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There's really no need to argue. Just don't buy season pass.

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Also, It's not just Japan. If MS can break thru other Asian countries, they can break thru the Japanese market.

But they were never able to sell it to any Asian countries. Hence they will not make it in Japan either.

We all know what eastern countries like to play. MS ignores it. Than they wonder why xbox is not selling there.

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Good point.

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This article is not about Ubisoft or nintendo, or EA.

Its about Sony and MS.

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So .. should wait for Mass effect 4?
Since Andromeda will be scrapped?

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I know it's a old game. But is it still good to play in 2017? The trailer looks good.

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My name is Mayo is such a hard game.

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Uhh... I bought the game. But I don't have switch. Game is still shrink wrapped and collecting dust.

I just bought it to support Zelda. I had no idea the game would outsell the console.

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ill do that but, here's hoping gamestop take some responsibility if this is true.

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so ... what happens now?
cuz my cc info is on the gamestop website.

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are u referring to EA?

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'you mean you hope its $550, because you want it to fail'


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Doesn't Scorpio have the same exact CPU as the xbox one S?

I know it's over clocked like the ps4 pro.

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is it coming w games?

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sex sells. its not good or bad. it just sells. u guys make it sound like its a horrible thing.

but nobody is buying mass effect for sex. ppl buy mass effect for the narrative, dialogue, exploration, and player choice.

but Andromeda kinda failed in the categories its known for.

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I bought fallout 4 for $20 from the bargain bin. I had hopes. but after new Vegas I learned real quick.

And fallout 3 is my favorite game of all time.

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Yea look at the Ouya. Disc free console and it was dead on arrival.

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