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Lol you've made me sign in after yes of switching into lurker mode.

Using Call of Duty is a poor example because Activision will keep the prices up regardless of how long the game has been out but you can get your precious CoD fairly cheap on the right respectable sites

Assassin's Creed games

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The British is also pretty shit, for some guy that was from the dirty ghetto he sounds pretty damn posh.

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Why should they be humble?

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true, additionally, seems that the terran will be made god-mode in the multiplayer. Hopefully, we can see some fixes as the upgrades they got were leaps and bounds better than what anyone else got.

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People seem to forget how little/shit Ubi's opinion of PC ports.

UPlay is a trainwreck and all their recent AAA games are poorly optimised for PC, with their patches doing very little.

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700p I was talking about BioWare games. Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2/3 suffered in story telling and gameplay

Mass Effect 2, improved in combat but went down the hole in storyline (main antagonist and so on and so forth).

I'm just saying with Casey Hudson gone and new restructuring of BioWare we might expect a better BioWare soon.

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No, and people who applauded the "extended" endings are why the industry isn't considering to be anything more than video games and childish hobby when it comes to storytelling.

I'll gladly wait until all the DLC and shit comes out for the next BioWare games, and if I like it maybe I'll buy it when it's dirt cheap.

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But Casey Hudson left, hopefully, this means that we won't get monstrosities for the endings.

I swore that I'd never buy another BioWare product again, but with Hudson gone, maybe I can be lured back!

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A new girl???? There is always a new girl in LoZ games.. Take OoT Link is basically hit on by all the females

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Introducing a new console would simply be murder. You don't abandon the install of 6.7 million adopters.

Umm next metroid won't be showed (Hopefully because it's been started on).

Next Zelda game was ready at last years E3 but nintendo decided against it and there is something about smash bros for like at least once a month.

You're joking I hope about the $249, IDIOTIC, 3 free games plus a pro controller???? They're runn...

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Funny you're describing Dragon Age 2 in which you couldn't be nice to anyone because they, the companion NPC, would begin to hit on you....

Which led you to being a total @ss to everyone

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don't know why you got a disagree, Ninty have stated that first party games will never include DLC as they are firms believers you pay for the entire game and support when you buy a game.

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It should be known that the main person to blame for the royal F*CK UP that was ME3 ending is Casey Hudson, because he's a lying sack of sh!t.

He sent all the writers home and made the god-child all by himself.

I will not buy any product from BioWare whilst he still belongs to the company.

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Americans complaining about petrol prices......-___-

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items in smash changes a lot.

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you could dodge the blue shell in mario kart 7 so I'm guessing you weren't THAT good...

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maybe of the characters but not link.

Other M. Showed how this can be done extremely wrong.

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Not gonna lie looks really good, but some textures do look fairly poor.

I have a feeling the game was slightly downgraded in some areas to let it be less taxing and more accessible to the PC crowd

Either way my Zotac 760 AMP is ready for this bad boy along with my 250 GB SSD.

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you should just be banned from posting.... one bubble is too much.

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Hopefully Dawn of War: Total War !!

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