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"All Hail The Hipno Toad!"


items in smash changes a lot. #5.1
you could dodge the blue shell in mario kart 7 so I'm guessing you weren't THAT good... #1.5
maybe of the characters but not link.

Other M. Showed how this can be done extremely wrong. #1.4
Not gonna lie looks really good, but some textures do look fairly poor.

I have a feeling the game was slightly downgraded in some areas to let it be less taxing and more accessible to the PC crowd

Either way my Zotac 760 AMP is ready for this bad boy along with my 250 GB SSD. #14
you should just be banned from posting.... one bubble is too much. #1.4
Hopefully Dawn of War: Total War !! #1.1
> implying there is much of an appeal after ME3
> Implying choices matter in mass effect. #3.1.1
LOL second screen has the potential to be extremely beneficial as even MS has introduced smart glass and Sony the PS4 and Vita mix. Hell many people on PC have more than 1 monitor.

Was the hardware put into the console too poor, yes. It will be another gamecube but that isn't a bad thing.

Molyneux shouuld focus on making a good game not rehashed garbage. #1.8
Is not lack of games on the WiiU that is the issue its the lack of hardware those games are moving. #1.4.2
I really don't see the addiction from this game... It's just frustrating due to the sh!tty hitbox. #2
ME2 story and antagonist were total rubbish. It was all one giant side mission all of it to go fight the terminator....

I refuse to see how you consider ME1 "openish" when ME2 was all corridors. #5.1

Sadly enough, I don't think I'll ever be touching the Mass Effect franchise ever again. ME3 was a spit in the face of everything that was promised.

Casey Hudson is a prick and B@st@rd. I refuse to give anymore money to someone who decides to save EA money by sending the writers home and redoing the ending by himself. #2.2.1
I will kindly disagree with you in the following point:

-The empty planets whilst pretty much copy/pasta, they still provided a feel that you were visiting foreign planets.
-Side missions had a bit enough of side stories that it provided enough fun and even set up the other two games.
-ME1 was a proper RPG game in which you had to earn your EXP unlike ME2/3 just keep playing and the devs level you up comfortable enough.

Exploration in ME1 was gre... #2.1.2
This is by far the best of all 3. Combat mechanics may have been a bit wonky but I always learned to love them.

Best story, best antagonist, best exploration, best rpg out of the three.

It was my most beloved franchise last gen until the third. #2

LOL 1HK DMR go play hardcore then. #1.2
This series just needs to go into a coma and stop being a released for a good couple of years.

Pirates and the caribbean??!?!

Don't get me wrong I know lots of people enjoy that but to me its not an Assassin's Creed game.

Story has long gone of the rails and ubi do nothing but add more and more features that make killing the AI a cakewalk.

All that work in making ships and shit and next game won't have any?!?! LOL #1.2
well you obviously made the mistake buying premium way ahead of time. I won't be shelling out anymore more money for this game unless I see improvements or some ridiculously good maps and as it stands now it doesn't look like I'll be giving up any cash..

Although, free in game shit is free in game shit. #1.7
apart from the connection issues its being a blast since the last patch for PC. #8
I can't believe they just showed "dice carrots" What idiot put this out there......... #1.3
How does this awful title even get approved........ #3
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