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Seeing how many people visit our site to get a look at achievement lists before the game comes out, yes people care a lot. Achievements are a phenomenon, but they really add to the gameplay experience. You looked at the news post didn't you? :)

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We're experiencing a few hiccups from the extraordinary amount of traffic from today, but everything seems to be working better now. Just try again if it doesn't load, we're working with the server right now

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That post has just the names of the achievements, this one has the descriptions and point values. Completely different, as the names don't tell you anything about the list..

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Yea that's definitely going to be a achievement that'll make you proud. However, who knows how many developers will actually be playing and how often, so it might be real difficult to get if it's not viral (like certain games), where you get it if you kill someone who already has the achievement.

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They're supposedly coming to the PS3 in the form of accomplishments, but it's still not clear how exactly they'll relate to achievements yet, even though they've been implemented in some games. I guess you'll get trophies for your Home, but not sure if you'll end up getting an overall score like with the 360.

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Well for a game of this quality, I'd recommend everybody go out and buy it if you enjoy the demo anyway. Definitely my favorite racing franchise, and it's a tremendous amount of fun online..

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Really? Is it that bad? I heard the graphics are kind of horrible, haven't done too much research on the game, but how's the gameplay?

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