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That's basically a myth, I've actually made a little game for android, and I haven't had any issues with fragmentation. Those '100' phones and tablets all use the same API's, so any app using those API's will work. (usually) #2.2.1
"...he even said that most of them didn't know programming language such as C, C++, C#, and that they were using free engines like Unity, and Game Maker to make their games and yet still calling themselves developers."

Although I mostly agree with the content of this article, I take issue with this particular sentiment. I might grant you that Game Maker is a bit cheesy, but certainly Unity is a perfectly acceptable engine of choice for any game. (You can use C#... #21
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I have at least 1 good reason not to pre-order it. Pre-orders are a scam. They're a method of tricking people into buying a game before they can tell if it's good or not. In this case it's a relatively safe bet since this game has technically been out for over a year already (thanks for the MASSIVE delay again Rockstar!) but I bet even with 2 delays, it will STILL have bugs day one. #11
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Well screw it then, I'm not even going to buy it. My excitement for this has COMPLETELY deflated. It's now an old game that I don't even care about anymore, I can't even muster the energy to be mad about this.

Screw you Rockstar, I don't buy your lame excuses for this, you were probably planning to release it this late on purpose to maximize the lifespan and media coverage... #28
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@nowitzki2004 When did I say that? That has nothing at all to do with my speculation. Consoles continue to get closer to being full-fledged PC's, and are already fairly pointless. The steambox more or less proves this. #2.1.3
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Honestly, I'd be surprised if consoles lasted more than 2 more generations anyways... #2.1
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"On Friday, Kim Dotcom, the owner of popular for-transfer site Mega, gave Lizard Squad 3,000 lifetime passes to Mega. The group is reportedly selling those certificates for $30 each."

Who the f#ck supports a criminal group like this?! What noble cause does he think they're for? F#ck Kim and his crappy file-sharing site. #56
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People say that games aren't all about the graphics, and thus use this point to condemn PC's. This doesn't make sense to me though. Yes, you can buy a really expensive gaming PC and it will have better graphics than the new consoles. But you can also buy a PC that's CHEAPER than the new consoles, which is backwards compatible with nearly all PC games of the past 2 or 3 decades... they're also home to some of the most innovative indie games, and they generally feature lo-fi... #30
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You can get HTPC or media center computer cases that are oriented sideways and are quite compact. In fact, you can get really small cases that are designed for mini-ITX motherboards that would probably be about as small as the alpha! #8.1.3
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The absence of a proper case is a fun novelty, but it's really pointless... you can just get an old pc for extremely cheap or free and use that case. #61
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@darthv72 It would be much worse if MS (or Sony) bought twitch, because there'd almost certainly be a bias or something. If it weren't for that though... Nah MS would still be worse lol. #1.1.10
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@gameslayer2411 you didn't read the article but still had to "squeeze out" an opinion based on what, the title? I can imagine where you squeezed it out of...

Don't do that. #2.2.3
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Umm... The people who will be playing the game... on xbone? Literally the OPPOSITE of Sony fanboys? #14.2
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I'll agree that there are some stinkers on Steam, but I don't think it's a huge problem. At the very least, Steam doesn't have NEARLY as much garbage on it as iOS/Android's app stores... #7
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The PS4 and XB1 have lesser gpu's? How long are they going to stay relevant? I've had a 5770 1GB for 4 years, and it's still playing the latest games at med-high settings @1080p. Still seems pretty relevant to me... #17.2
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I just wanted to point out that I also live in Canada and I don't have these issues with my internet. It all depends on your ISP, there are many Americans that have similar issues. I'm with MTS, and afaik there isn't any limit. Me and the other 4 people sharing the line have certainly tested that. ;) #15.1
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It's bringing affordable PC gaming to the living room? I think that's a fairly big deal.

As an added bonus, it's also going to remove what is currently the biggest hurdle in the way of ditching windows completely and ultimately destabilize Microsoft's monopoly on computer operating systems. Which is huge. TY Valve! #13.1.1
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@Slapshot82 He's talking hardware-wise. It obviously doesn't run windows out of the box. That's why Starbucks_Fan is asking if it runs windows. Are you actually reading these comments? #3.3.2
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I think you're over-estimating the console advantage. The gpu in this steambox is probably almost twice as powerful as the other consoles' gpu's. No amount of optimization is going to make up for that. lol #1.6.4
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I hope they drop out of the hardware game (at least for TV consoles) and just go multi-platform with their games. I wouldn't mind having me some Mario action, but I'm certainly not buying a Wii U just for that... #12
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