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Still not as weird as mlp porn...

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"...the problem with 'playing to win'"

Holy crap what a terrible sentiment...

Also, can't there just be ONE mainstream hard game out there? Just one?!

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"Also, let’s be real here: when you’re trying to empower your lady characters after years of ups and downs in that area, turning them into canonical masturbation fodder isn’t the best look."

Why? Why on earth is it bad to sexualize women? Why does that strip them of power? I think people's negative attitude towards stuff like this is highly reflective of our puritanical culture. It's illogical. There's nothing wrong with sex, yet these people feel that i...

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The fact that they're adding steam workshop support for songs is pretty cool, but they should've released the game for PC at launch in the first place. I'm f#ckin' sick of publishers ignoring our platform (or delaying the PC release), then deciding to port their games when they decide they want more money, and want to artificially extend the games life cycle.

That last point is key here. The longer their game stays relevant, the more sales they get on ALL plat...

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Screw that. They fart in our faces by ignoring our platform then beg us for money before making the port? You've got to be sh!tting me...

There's no valid reasoning for this. They want to gauge consumer interest? Try a survey campaign... They don't have enough money to make the port? Don't make me laugh.

"fans will get the chance to own a piece of Rock Band history by supporting the project and making their Rock Band dreams come true.&quo...

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Gotta love the puritanicals whining about a MOD. Nothing you can do mofos!

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@SunnyZ If you can't even game with headphones on then you're obviously in a bizarre minority of people that aren't suited for VR. Look beyond the tip of your nose and you'll see a large group of people who can and will enjoy VR.

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Crap, I'm Canadian and I forgot our dollar is so shitty... Damn this sucks. Why are they charging $600 USD for a little LCD panel and some leds?!

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Although these pacifist runs have been a thing long before undertale... this man was filled with determination.

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Basically, he used a bunch of mines to get his health down, then a cryo mine to freeze him in position. Then he somehow managed to get the other baddies he pacified in the room to finish him off. I didn't watch the video but apparently that task was much more difficult than it sounds.

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None of these silly consoles need to exist, it's just yet another money making scheme...

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Is she showing cleavage? How dare they.

Objectification. Patriarchy. Ban it.


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Yeah, the problem with fancy screenshots is that a lot of effort is made to frame them nicely. Especially those shots of the terrain... at that angle it looks 3D, but at any normal angle you'd actually see them from, you can see they're just 2D textures.

I will say though that my mod setup in skyrim is about %90 as nice as this, and I'm running it on a R9 270x. I just don't have as much grass, lod detail or shader fidelity. People assume you need a super compu...

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That's exactly what kickstarters are supposed to be. Too often do people act as if they're pre-orders. Games are complex beasts, and developers very often misjudge the scope of a project. So it's not surprising to me in the slightest that some of them fail, it's not that unusual.

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That's basically a myth, I've actually made a little game for android, and I haven't had any issues with fragmentation. Those '100' phones and tablets all use the same API's, so any app using those API's will work. (usually)

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"...he even said that most of them didn't know programming language such as C, C++, C#, and that they were using free engines like Unity, and Game Maker to make their games and yet still calling themselves developers."

Although I mostly agree with the content of this article, I take issue with this particular sentiment. I might grant you that Game Maker is a bit cheesy, but certainly Unity is a perfectly acceptable engine of choice for any game. (You can use C#...

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I have at least 1 good reason not to pre-order it. Pre-orders are a scam. They're a method of tricking people into buying a game before they can tell if it's good or not. In this case it's a relatively safe bet since this game has technically been out for over a year already (thanks for the MASSIVE delay again Rockstar!) but I bet even with 2 delays, it will STILL have bugs day one.

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Well screw it then, I'm not even going to buy it. My excitement for this has COMPLETELY deflated. It's now an old game that I don't even care about anymore, I can't even muster the energy to be mad about this.

Screw you Rockstar, I don't buy your lame excuses for this, you were probably planning to release it this late on purpose to maximize the lifespan and media coverage...

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@nowitzki2004 When did I say that? That has nothing at all to do with my speculation. Consoles continue to get closer to being full-fledged PC's, and are already fairly pointless. The steambox more or less proves this.

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Honestly, I'd be surprised if consoles lasted more than 2 more generations anyways...

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