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Hell yeah! It must be like Dino Crisis dual protagonists but with DC 1 survival horror roots. #7.1
Do want. #1
Hopefully now he will gain some humanity out of this, that arrogant ass needed to be put down from his high Throne. #17
Finally someone knows that aesthetics matter more than graphics.

ATLUS anyone? #6
Is that you orth? #64.1
Is always a joy seeing someone praising a Persona game that doesnt end in 3&4, this is a great game and a major turnpoint of the franchise. #1.1
The same way you see blowing heads and members as something normal, they could say "what with these westerns and their fetish for gore", i say promote love (Japan) not hate (Western) #8.1
I think he means when it comes to softaware and sales wich sadly i dont see the Vita comming even close. #3.1.1
This isnformation is regarding the original that apparently C2 will be similar.

-You can name the MC, he has dialogues bu he is unvoiced i like this kind of character.

-You are in some kind of school were you meet the 12 maidens (The other being your cousin) and apparently they know that he is the marebito (World savior) adn so they KNOW their roles as Maidens.

- You can create a child with the maidens at any time even if your relationship is... #7
Im a fanboy of the movies (I have seen Jaws 2 10 times already) and Sharks are my favorite animals.

JU was pretty awesome, i dont see why people didnt liked it. #7.1.1
I want to control a Shark! Make it happen Sega and you will have my money (Enjoyed Jaws Unleashed) #7
I think it has always being, in the PS2 era they released the best RPGs in the console, some on par with FFX and some superior to it. Its just we didnt knew about them. #6.1.1
Then people would buy the console. #6
I prefer gameplay and art design, look at ATLUS they dont make the most Graphical beast games but when it comes to gameplay and aesthetics they deliver in spades. #6
It was about time Pokemon run out of ideas. #9
Sora has so much other selfs that isnt funny anymore :/

KH 3 could launch at the same time as FFvsXIII #2.1.1
1&2 were good, it went downhill after those, at least in the story department it has become a nutcase. #2
I heard the gameplay is great but saw some videos of the MCs...... not a good impression to say the least, i totally fell in love with the ToL cast the rest of the other Tales not so much i have yet to see a Tales female to surpass Chloe Valens.

Im going to pass on the first Xillia because i have heard the MC is worse than Luke´s and im not sure how can you manage to surpass Luke when it comes to annoying. #22.1.1
Tales isnt a good series anyways, is for a reason that Tales games stay in Japan. Tales of Legendia was the only Tales game i liked, TotA sucks, ToV is too cliched and so on, ToX 2 is the only one im interested because its an actual RPG. #22
So much this, Nariko deserves a sequel. #1.1
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