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Black was an awesome and hard FPS, the best on PS2. #11
If dont sale like Call of Duty is a fail. #6
Nope because people arent prepared for it:

You can kill God (Christian) YHVH in SMT2.

In Strange Journey you kill the Old Testament God of the Material World, the Demiurge.

One of them didnt leave Japan, the other is only recognisable for those who know about SMT 2. #5
Yeah but at least this should speed the process of Zero Tolerance towards Pedophile. #1.1
I want CCC localized.

I dont want Incest on my PS3.

Majhong stripping is an old concept.

Japan gets always good stuff. #2
space bar problems i guess. #3.1.1
Nah the Mainline SMT series is better, Persona is good too butnot as the mainline series. #3
Then again why is MS charging for XBox Live? Security is definitely not one of the reasons now. #8
I thought the originals were pretty meh, not fan of the fake 4 discs expansion they did when they could make just one release. #3
Not fan of their art design, not fan of those games for that matter. #1.1.1
Cant wait for my Growlanser artbook to ship. #1
SE was known for having both. #62.1.1
Nah if graphics is what sways people then they dont deserve to experience FF7. #3
The FPS era needs to die, lets welcome variety like in PS2 and im glad Sony is aiming for it in PS4. #3
Agree, now days people call a game difficulty "fake" when they are not skilled, so yes i agree gamers are becoming lazy.

People complain about P4G "MC dies Game Over" feature when they are given the right tool to avoid it, lazy gamers. #5
By this logic FFXIII is the best game ever because its graphics...... wait NO! #62
LOL those that are upset by the Gif shoulde NEVER play SMT, seryously dont even attemp it. #26
PS1 although i dreaded when stayed its welcome (ie Disc too damaged) #24
My sister is a gamer and she didnt had any problems playing FFX-2. Maybe if women accepted ANY female representation as they are things would improve. #14
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