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Hopefully this movie is just a way to promote Heavenly Sword 2!

I can dream :)


The dev said in an interview (Just when HS was released) that death is not the end in HS universe, they probably were prepared for a sequel with that in mind.

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Just dont laugh too much to the MC name: Melinda Linda XD that aside its really scary you use a cellphone camera instead.

I hope this next gen to not have the same dominant genre as the last gen was, it should be like the PS2 era.

Hopefully Silent Hill will be developed by japanese this time around.

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Try the Dreadout demo, is a SH loosely based on fatal frame.

I hope they come back, we need more scarier tittles.

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Who will crown as the SH king series now? RE wont thats for sure.

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Its not Nostalgia the PS1 era was the era were Survival Horror was about Survival and horror, now is a shadow of his former self (Extra points if you got the RE 1 reference)

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I never got how FF9 Tetra Master was meant to play, out of luck i collected all the cars :/

FF7 had a lot of minigames i hope FFXV get to.

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LOL i used P3MC because i thought people wouldnt know anything besides Persona, personally my favorite MCs are Serph from DDS and The Strange Journey MC. Serph because i love when he trasnform into a demon plus his design is pretty cool and the Strange Journey MC because he is the badass normal kind and that doesnt stop him from kicking Demiurge and Mem Aleph asses.

Im playing trought both Raidou games and i agree he is kickass, a shame we didnt got the Nocturne version with ...

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I stopped caring about the series after Trilogy :/

I think they should make another franchise i would like to see a new set of characters and world.

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That would be a Visual Novel, date sims have much more gameplay mechanics than a Visual Novel.


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Please be it true, please. This game have a very high chance of reviving the Survival horror genre.

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Good lord thank you!

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Nah P3 Mc is a better SP, more considering how he sacrificed himself for humanity best interest.

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Just began BoF 2 in an emulator, im halfway trought BoF3 and in the last dungeon in BoF 4, yeah a BoF 6 would be good (BoF 5 doesnt look that good as far as i have seen in Youtube).

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Please no, i would like them to create a new fighting series with original characters, lets repeat the MK phenomena again please.

Lets face it MK isnt as cool as it was in the day.

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The SMT series does it right, the choices are divided by Lawful, Chaotic and Neutral. All of these choices arent good or bad, they all depends on the player philosphy. You feel like a society without individual identity is good? Go Lawful. You feel like a world of freedom is better for the individual sake at expense of the rest of the community? Go Chaotic. You feel like there isnt a right answer and both sides arent inherently right? Go Neutral.

Choices is always good, i pre...

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Porn games :/

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To satisfy the graphics whores.

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Nope is the second one, however its not connected to the First Devil Summoner besides the Protagonist and his partners being secret bosses. Its to tally stand alone.

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Well you do have a lot of character cliches in both Persona games, and P4 has those momments were it plays like an anime (The Whole band thing was really lame and Japani-ish).

Most of the conventions that P3&P4 uses are present in the date sim and Visual Novel genre, heck there is a game that came in 1990 that was called true love and has the very essense of what Chie, Yukiko, Rise, Ai characters are.

So P3&P4 are just one of the countless convention...

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Mmm games too japanese? How come P4 & P3 has been net with such high praise when they are the most Japanese games out there?

JRPGs are great because they aim for Japan, even FF7 was very Japanese on characters design, story standpoint and so on. The momment they aim to western audiences it will be the day when JRPGs will truly die.

I personally love how Japanese games hasnt evolved that much, if Skyrim is evolution then i dont wnat them to ever evolve. <...

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