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I dont think so were i live the PS3 is hacked very easily and because you can just put them in the HDD.

Besides if its free i dont think people care wasting some time instead of money. #14.3
Its good for Nintendo as sells more units but in the long run it will sink them if they cant sell their games nor third developers as well.

Its really not good, if you sell a console but you cant sell games. #16
Well the reasoning of the piece is that it would allow for bigger towns and such wich i dont think versus is in shape to take more time for release.

PS4 can wait anyways. #13.1.1
Nope they wont beneift, a lot os PS3 owners are ready for versus, there is no one waiting this for PS4. #13
Maybe if you were still Bond i would take you seryously but now.... Shut up yesterday actor. #14
LOL this is really brilliant. #4
Im playing Suiko 1&2&5 so i will give my support.

Just give me a Silent Protagonist not those guys like the DS and PSP suikos. #3
FFXII was a good game though, at least thats something to be grateful about. #8.1
LOl i know is offensive but its just too funny. #1.2.1
Agree as long as the character is well written who cares she was blessed with Watermelons? #16.1
I wanted Majo Shinpann localized, *sigh* #1
Out of this world, an esque Oodworld game needs one. #3
Best artist ever. #1
Looks good, hopefully it will make it to the west. #6
I dont mind as long as they make "The Golden Playhouse" a series, that way "No Chaterine sequel" is null void. #3
Detective like Edward Carnby? I would be okay with that. #5.1.1
LOL what i get a system based on games it offers and the Vita is hardly owrth getting.

That and i can only afford one console. #18.1.2
Hopefully it wont be a special OPs or highly trained protagonist.

SHs work best with an everyday average joe character to get the player feel the same fear the character will feel. #5
Dont agree that the Vita will die but it sure is in intensive care right now.

So far SMT 4 and DS:Soul Hackers are reason enough to ditch the Vita (I have own a PS1&PS2&PSP) as it seems that the 3DS will be the home of JRPGs. #18
Totally agree, the sixaxis control actually felt natural to enhance the gameplay, the game has the best motion capture ever appear in a game (Thanks to Golum). The sword had three gameplay mechanics and were very good.

Nariko is a girl Kratos wouldnt kick out of the bed. #3.3.2
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