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He is!.Hands down the best character Rockstar has ever created.

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We already had one: FFXII

Vaan doesnt matter at all in the game, Balthier does and he is the leading man.

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FFX-2 had great gameplay at least.

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If you check my post i liked it as well (Add Street Fighter to that, Van damm in any movie is a sure great from me).

At least is better than that Dragon Ball movie.

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You cant compete with the word "free" so the best way to avoid your game being pirated is to offer incentives of buying your game and stablish a good relationship with your consumers.

Here the games costs too much to spend on them but if the product is good and i respect the company (ie SMT and ATLUS) then i buy them, if is a so so game and has Capcom on it then i would seriously consider to buy the game rather than pirate it (RE6 and Capcom).

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Great i sincerely like the movie, youngsters will be able to appreciate the movie.

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Like all systems in the end falls on AAA games, im sure games like a new Mario or Smash Bros will sell units and will make the WiiU more appealing.

Sure this has always being the case for most Nintendo consoles but moves like funding Bayonneta shows Nintendo is open to make games that arent Zelda/Mario, then Xenoblades 2 and SMTxFE, great start i say.

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Pro: Console sells like hotcakes.

Cons: Low game system sales.

Nintendo should instead give incentives of buying their games.

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Yeah here in my country even the lowest priced PS3 is a month and a half of pay worth.

He is an ignorant asshole.

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I just hope if its a new FF game it includes Airship, world map and Turn based gameplay and FF will be redeemed.

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Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Hyper Ultra Mega Ultimate Super Uncut GotY edition

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There is Cashcom and Crapcom as well.

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Persona and SMT games allows you to name your MC and choose their dialogue choices and they easily beat any JRPG out there with preset MCs. Besides JRPGs need to be actually ROLE playing games again , ToX 2 made one step already now its FF turn.

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Lame site.

You review a game based on the adequate standards not todays.

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Someone already paid for the used game when it was new,the developer got the money.

Thats a stupid logic.

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We knew. The Vita needs a PROPER Call of Duty, or Original FF, or Original GTA and so on. It needs AAA games.

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Capcom ENJOYS trolling the poor Megaman Fanbase.

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I suppose this game isnt the Vita killer App everyone hoping for, the Vita cant catch a break.

At least the few people that will give it a chance will have a blast.

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Im pretty sure thats Cartman Hero(?) alter ego: The Coon.

So yep i know.

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Its cheaper to get two consoles, one modded and one original, because the benefit is greater as you can play free single player games on the hacked one and multiplayer ones in the normal console.

And its not like Multiplayer games are necessary for most gamers.

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