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Be cause there has been a report saying that SE thinks that "ARPGs are the trend and that FF must follow the trends", XV just proves this (Along LR) #10.2

If you think turn based gameplay doesnt have depth go play Digital Devil Saga, SMT 3 Nocturne, SMT 4, FFX and FFX-2 to see it. ARPGs lack this depth and resort to button mashing and making spells useless most of the time. #11
LOl i foresee the Xbox One as the most hacked console this gen. #13
Adam Orth would be proud. #24
Honestly whats wrong is hyping this game as a PS3 exclusive and then making it next Gen Multiplat as i know my fare share of people that bought a PS3 for Versus.

There is no forgiveness for SE. #3.1.1
Because everything must be flashy now, there is no room for classic game design just mindless action tittles.

I feel your pain bro :( #6.2.1

I have played KH 1&2 and while 1 had its fair share of strategy the seoncd one reeked into just tapping the attack button, using Cure spells and quick time events.

There are the Tales series, Kingdon Hearts, Ys, Xenoblade, Star Ocean for the ARPG croud and i dont like when a series changes its basic structure to satisfy the action croud.

RE was bad enough. #6.1.2
Yeah i love turn based classic gameplay (Even loved FFXII) and shamefully FF will not be the same anymore and is now following trends like sheeps (Regardless of what they say).

I suppose ATLUS fills my needs of classic turn based RPG from now on.

Capcom has Crapcom, i wonder what we should call SE now. #6.1
Yeah im still playing the heck out of that babe #22.1
LOL MS is really buying a lot of opinions then again the XBONE is a developer wet dream and a customer Nightmare. #21
Dont Forget Mika.

And FrigidXBOXONEdamagecontrolDark ness #17.1
Great i only had 2 :) #22
And nothing of value was lost. #7
SoTC is the prequel of Ico, Wander had horns when he was turned into a baby wich resulted in ICo´s people. #1.2
Loved UB so im eager for this, i hope they retain naming all the characters as i loved that. #3
Suikoden revival? #7
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People need a flashback to what happened to the PS3 in its firt months and then see it now. WIIU can do the same. #2
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Not even casuals care about Kinect LOL. #28
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I hope they open a forum soon, i have a LOT of sugestions for them. #5
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Squall is my hero. #1.3
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