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We need the japanese knowledge in horror for the new entry not more western onws.

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This guy should return to CoD and no making crappy articles.

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Is a shame that one of the icons and almost the oficial mascot of playstation had to fall in oblivion.

Damm you Universal.

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I hope they revisit Tales of Legendia. My first tales game and along Destiny and the Phantasia and the only ones i have enjoyed because later the franchise became a Walking annoying Cliche wich characters coming out from the book "How to make cliched characters for your JRPG".

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Its not SH and now its hardly a videogame?
No shit Crapcom go to hell.

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I have already conplained (by not getting this awful game).

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FFXIII and its sequel sucks, i didnt finished them but those are the only FF that i never cared enough to move forward and if a game dont engage me in the first hours then the games suck.

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Resident Evil 5 and 6 are walking zombies of their former self.

The first RE freaked you out in less than 2 minutes after you take control of your character when the zombie turn around to look at you for interrumpting his dinner.

This one will be good but will suck ass as a RE game.

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At least retain a little of the SH feeling RE6 scrap it out entirely.

SH: Survival Horror not Silent Hill.

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"Resident Evil 6 seems to be chasing an imaginary consumer"
This game doesnt have the slightest RE feel so its obvious that is for fast paced mindless shooter fans.

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This guy is sold out, its not one bit of survival horror, CoD fanboy it seems.

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Its not SH just another generic shooter.

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And so Psi-ops the mindgate conspiracy, and where is that sequel now?

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Yoichi Wada wont recognized a gem even if you put it in his nose.

I liked FFXII but it lacked everything that made previous FFs epic but it was a fun game.

I want turn based gameplay too, and everything the blogger points too.

I hope that the next FF is directed by kitase.

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My most anticipated game is Growlanser Wayfarer of time for PSP published by ATLUS.


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I want Langrisser swhartz

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I remember when i played RE2 scenario B and in the very end before facing MrX mutated and I DIDNT HAVE A SINGLE HEALTH, no herbs no sprays and as much as i tried to move on MrX always kicked my ass and I HAD TO RESTART OVER.

Sure i was mad but at the same time i learned that this series was different to others and so i loved the franchise since then, now i only have to wait until my health generates? WTF now this time this series has died and is only the name.

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We are sure the game will be good BUT as a RE game will suck as hell.

Lets save the effort of trying to say that this games is a SH tittle this game is a CoD action oriented game, thats why Leon scenario will suck and the others will be good.

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And so the last drop of survival has vanished.

Resident of Duty War

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Jill valentine and Claire Redfield (resident evil)
Heather Mason (Silent hill)
Alyx Vance (Half Life)
Yuna (FFX not X-2)
Aerith (FF7)
Athena (God of War)
lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

They are great females that neglets all these articles statements.

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