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Take P5 and shove it on your ass.

This is a SMT 4 discussion.

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You should try the SMT series and not im not talking about Persona im talking of the MAIN SMT series.

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The only reason you got to choose is because you have FREEDOM, like it or not Chaos is the answer to everything ! ;)

PS: Demonee-Ho should get its own freaking game, i read he is in this game as well.

Law sucks i agree.

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Awesome, maybe an RPG?

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Neutral Fanboy huh?

Chaos all the day baby.

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Shut up get SMT 4 or GTFO.

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And those were great times because developers thought more on designing games for their fans than for the maintream demographic.

High Budgets is what killed gaming spirit.

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Japanese forums tend to show that japanese are not interested in SE new "Fantasy based in Reality" premise, so im not sure about that.

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SMTxFE at least means that Nintendo will have to do something about it, i say buy it. Their console still get the most ATLUS games anyways.

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Keep them coming.

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Great blog, a shame cliff wont read it though (Would love to see talking crap to counter your fine argument).

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Dont care for any of that, Digital games feel "soulless" to me, while a Phisycal copy has a soul and it really give a great sense of owning so this digital future is basically not a future i would like to experience.

And not to mention in my country internet is so slow and erratic that this future would basically doom pretty much most of the population of this hobby here, so screw to that.

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Suddenly i gained respect for this guy after seeing he was the less rotten of the apples (MS)

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Im so happy to see a continuation of GG, cant wait to see the old cast revamped.

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DDS 2 Seraph was an ermaphrodite,its both a he and a she.

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Maybe if the devs focused more on gameplay,artstyle and such instead of graphics the medium would sustain itself.

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Its even an insult for customers when MS try justify the loss of our rights as consumers.

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Nah they are cashing on the Persona and SMT success.

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No female?
A bummer.

I dont like these characters at all, they are almost too generic in design. I dont see a FF here AT ALL.

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I disagree if anything X-2 was kinda a different take (In a good way) of the ATB system that worked along the "Job" system. The story sucked of course but gameplay was top notch, FFXII began the trend.

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