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While i see your point i think sometimes the character is strong enough for the ojectification to be something to not hinder the role. But people focus only on that, if Lara would had born this gen i bet most people would dis her on wardrobe alone. #2.1.1
I agree, if anyone disagree about Link kept silent watch this and burn: #7.1
The thing i dont get is why a female cant be a strong lead and being sexy while doing so? Its almost like people are very superficial like the phrase says "The dressing doesnt make the monk", so dressing provocative shouldnt be seen as sexualization but as a testament that the female can wear whatever she wants with confidense and kick asses while doing so. #2
Given Sony passed on Demons Souls i think they dont really see any worth on investing on that genre.

Sony is full Western now. #22.1
Yeah someone didnt thought this quite right. #29.1
This... this thing has fanboys? Nevermind it sucked but when it lacks even the most iconic PS characters how can a thing witouth any value whatsoever have fanboys? #28.1.1
You are right there. The Vita on the other hand is the ultimate Visual Novel Machine. #5.3
Thats the 3DS, just look at ATLUS line up to see wich is the true JRPG machine. #16
So the guys that scream Playstation the most cant be in a game of PS stars? But Big Daddy can? This tittle failed to be like Smash even in concept. Thats really stupid. #28
I prefer ATLUS, every single RPG i have played from them have been gold, i dont like too much Uncharted (Not fan of shooters) and TLoU is indeed great but i prefer games like SMT, Persona, Devil Summoner and Digital devil Saga.

ND comes second. #53
It only reached the 50000 mark three months after release, the Jp arent as pervy as you think. #1.4.1
Yes it was.

Lots of good, despite the simple battle system it had lots of depth as you could only change party members and use items once per turn and the girls have a vast array of abilities to make good strategies because they arent carbon copies of one another (Bosses could be status affected!). The girls stories are related to the 7 capital sins so their reasons to end in Hell are related as well and thats touched late in the story. The characters were awesome (Kisaragi a... #1.7
Mario and Sonic are emmisarries of the most Harcore eras of them all : The Nes/Snes days. They are the definition of harcore. #3.1.1
I doubt they are 50% the obejctive of these are stuides are mainly to proof that female gamers should be appealed when making games, the thing is that most females dont exactly get into the hobbie like watching gaming news, being fan of a series and so on.

They exist but they are far and between, of all people i know only my sister is a gamer, since she had been playing most games i trew at her:

RE (RE 1-2-3-4-Veronica)
FF (FF7-8-9-10-12)
Cras... #22
A good score for this game i guess, anyways day one. #3
The thing is that the industry THINKS we need high end graphics, i loved console playing but this gen has been awful at least for JRPG entusiaths so since this situation will hardly change i dont see console gaming recovering its luster. #7.1.1
This is why i think the 3DS is the future, the Vita is going that way as well, just see how much awesome games the 3DS has.

HD is killing gaming. #7
Its a great series howewer SMT 3, 4 and SJ have a different approach in Storytelling as they are more world driven and the characters themselves are just means to carry ideologies but they are a good way to convey them.

DDS is more story driven but dungeons are still more focused.

Raidou games have a taisho era setting (When Japan was beggining to be americanized) and are ARPGs.

Well im sure you know Persona by now.

Anyways h... #4.3
For PS2 you have:

Digital Devil Saga 1&2 (Game about hinduism and reincarnation)

SMT 3 Nocturne (A game about Philosophies and Reasons)

Devil Summoner 1&2 Raidou series (An ARPG about a detective that uses demons for his investigations)

On DS:

SMT Strange Journey (A scifi themed dungeon crawler)

PSVita (Every Persona game, P2 has some serious story )

O please learn to research, in Japan you know were the game was created it doesnt have the SMT label, its label IS "Megami Iburonku Persona" and Devil Survivor has "Megami Iburonku Devil Survivor" wich are spinoffs.

What will you say to me later? That FFII and FFIII on Nes are NOT really FF4&6 respectively?

Learn to difference between a localization name and a source name.

Persona is NOT SMT. It seems your family has s... #3.2
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