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I dont really want to, i like when we are presented a new cast in every new FF entry, so we can get to know them and love them. I want FFXV to be as epic as FF7 then make the Remake.

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Classic MS.

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Wada just step down and good things begin happening, lol there you have proof he was killing SE.

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They are making an in house engine for P5, the very reason it had took so long.

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Worth Every Penny, you pay 60$ for a lame RPG called FFXIII so this one is no brainer it cost less and last longer.

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Persona seems like a franchise for Sony and SMT for Nintendo, i hope its for 3DS though if i have to choose a side i will go to the 3DS side.

Hopefully is for PS3 though, the system needs a good RPG for a change (Ni No Kuni is proof good console JRPGs exists).

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I doubt it given the partnership between ATLUS and Ninstendo with FExSMT, im getting a 3DS for this game alone.

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Yuk it seems that SE stupidity wasnt because of Wada, apparently is the whole company that is nuts.

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Screw Reviewers i hope someday gamers stop being mindless drones and judge a game by themeselves rather than trusting in a reviewer that was obviously given a wrong game to review.

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CCC stands for Caster Caster Caster :)

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Fate/extra CCC

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Its a character LOL.

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You forgot P1&P2 Mary (P1 most important character and according to Igor the strongest Persona user), Elly , Lisa Silverman, Ulala Serizawa and Maya Amano (Protagonist of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment) are the best females in the series.

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This so much, sure she is dead after the original but i remember NT saying "Dying is not the end of the story in HS universe", damm and that sounded like a sequel.

On topic, as long as the player character isnt meant to represent the player (RPGs for example) i cant play as female, role playing isnt really the same without an avatar that match your gender.

I dont mind playing TR because Lara is meant to be her own character.

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I suppose its a good thing if you want to drop gamming for a reason, but since i dont plan to do that i say GTFO with your social bullcrap.

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This game looks good, not fan of the character design (Mainly the MC, Scythes are used when they want to make the character look cool wich its kinda forced.

If its differnt from Persona then i will buy it otherwise i probably wouldnt.

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In my case im glad because i have my PS2 and im just getting into the SMT whole fanchise:

SMT 3 Nocturne
DDS 1 & 2
Raidou 1&2

Pretty great games that is a shame most people have missed.

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Finally SE will be getting up, good Riddance Wada you wont be missed.

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The genre is living and kicking in Handhelds, the console JRPGs are the one dying.

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Another reason gaming is dying for me.

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