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lol at people saying the game was downgraded. Have you even seen the picture?

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can wait

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Uh ok? Well it's your problem is you believe his words over your own vision. The difference between the reveal trailer and the more recent one is very noticeable. So now pointing out the truth and comparing is an agenda? I linked some pictures proving my point and what do you do? Only a blind fanboy would not be abl... oh wait.

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Dude are you blind or something? Can you not tell a difference from what was shown february when the ps4 had 4gb of ram? Now it has 8gb, logic indicates it should even look BETTER right? You're probably one of those delusional peoples that thought the kz 2005 trailer was in-game just because sony or guerilla "said so".

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The game looks nothing like the reveal trailer and this man is saying

"The quality showcased in the PlayStation Meeting in February was reached considerably quickly, and things like 60 frames per seconds are relatively easy to achieve."

What the fuck is he on?

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ROFL YOU IDIOTS LMAO!! that is the reveal trailer of deep down! IT wasn't even running on ps4.

This is more of a comparison, it is a direct feed shot of Deep Down:

Shame peo...

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how about on ps4 with its huma capabilities and high bandwidth? (I'm talking about those character models)

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Looks rehashed

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ROFL!!!! Pathetic....let this shit die people!

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Guys don't forget Warframe is free too. That game looks fucking awesome.

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Yeah. BEAST MODE WOOOOOO. Is it 1080p? I don't think so

Wii u: $350
PS4: $399

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Let me give everyone an advice, do not click the link. Instead go to metacritic

95/100 :)

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Yes yes that's nice, but what they have shown so far of the witcher 3 just looks like an average pc title........ It is light years away from the deep down trailer running on ps4 hardware.

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god damn shame microsoft has held rare back, i wish the could just leave microsoft.

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Let me blow your fucking mind twice. This demo and everything shown yesterday was only running on 4gb of ddr5 ram. The ps4 has 8gb total....

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wow for an hd collection? HOW ABOUT FUK U AND BE $39.99 LIKE THE REST OF THEM!!!!!!!!

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don't understand the hate, ninja theory is a great team, it is a shame that most of their games are sleeper hits.

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well i fucking hope so, its a 2012 system......

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Next gen don't start till sony says so.

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