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Microsoft's reasons for not having this game on xbox makes zero sense. Everyone should have the option to play this game.

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I hope cap is in the game.

Cap, fox, and Marth are my favorites when picking a fighter.

Also, looking forward to using Little Mac.

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World War Z definitely reminded me of TLOU when I watched that movie.

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Yes, you are right most people should already know but its amuseing to see what the test will say.

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Why is there a time limit?

Also, I picked "play less than 2 hours a week" and I was considered a true hardcore gamer.

What's up with that?

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+Bubs because your avatar is awesome.

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Tomb Raider

From HD to uh, HD.

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I don't because then I will be distracted by "dat ass". lol

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I don't get why Nintendo keeps rehashing the roster with the same characters every game with the occasional wild card. There are tons of characters that could be used.

I like that Rosalina was chosen but, how about making at least half of the characters in the game be completely new to the Smash games.

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Didn't know GT6 was on the PS4.

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Spiderman price is too high.

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Yes you are right about games reaching a number of platforms but, I was referring to games like watch dogs and destiny that were built for the next generation of consoles.

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It starts when we stop getting cross-gen games.

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But if I had to choose it would be an established gaming site that i usually agree with.

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IMO, ALL console launch reviews are worthless to me. At this point in time PS4 and XB1 are just a couple of empty boxes with last gen multi plats with a slight upgrade and exclusives that were rushed out to meet launch release.

It is impossible to judge a console by its launch, not even its first year.

Way too many changes happen during a console generation to make even an educated guess.

Last gen proves this ten fold.

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haha, that was comical.

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Yes with all of that considered they must be taking a loss, but this is still a glorious turn around when compared to the PS3 launch.

The more sony profits, the more games I will get to play. lol

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You make an excellent point, I have spent countless hours on uncharted 2 and 3.

Downloading games you will always go back to years after its release is something I will be doing this generation.

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Download speeds and hard drive space is what will always keep me from ever going digital.

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It looks like their picks were pretty similar.

Mostly Halo, fallout, mass effect, and COD4. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
All great achievements.

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