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why are people buying these games or getting excited fore it , infinty ward is dead soo there is no hope anymore fore this. and still people cant wait fore this disappointment .
if some of you how constantly complain about cod buy this one then you have no reason to complain you know what your getting yourself into

also guys look at this





See the first ...

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lol at above soo treu.

also no amsterdam is fail , why not here much better then rotterdam

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that trully is a great joke dude.....wait your not kidding .
please get out sir, nobody remembers LO but every body played FF7

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Hell yeah i can't wait damnit

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man i loved cronos the titan such a great battle man.
a boss battle doesnt need to be hard it needs to special an memobrable thats what makes a great boss batlle

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man i loved sc3 but i really didnt like sc4 i just dont know why and fore my im not gonna buy a sc ever again 4 just left a pretty bad taste in my mouth

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Your my comment of the day . Spears lol

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Most logical choice if you asked my

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that sounds.........super

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man the end boss in ds2 was really cool to be honest, also i know that alot of people hate that isaac has a voice now but to my it made him better hes much more interesting

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sorry man misread what you said
you have my apolagies

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@highlife and NBT91
trust my with games like demon souls kz2/3 bfbc2
dead space1/2 and many other games, i wont be missing blops and mw2 the buggiest games ever created, i would rather give it to devolpers how try to earn my money not devolpers how relly on brand name alone
thats just my two cents

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Try to act surprised when they announce it . Thank god I'm blessed with good taste and never played a cod game

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@ dark charizard
Dude come on first I was thinking you where a retarded fanboy but now I really think you need some help, burn Christian families and asking agrees fore it really also people how agreed with you arent any better . There really should be a ban fore 11 year old kids on the internet

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Dude trully great work if I ever see 1 of these pussy around my shops man I would trully punch his lights out . Bunch of cowards hiding behind there pc

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But the background is really cool that's what got my eyes

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i really hope it dies out fast because there are alot of better games then cod and there not getting the sales

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wow look at the wii unbelievable

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says the guy with the a$$ profile pic

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this must be the hardcore titles M$ was talking about

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