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About Damn time somebody did multiplayer needed something fresh like this and makes you think more instead of camping the hole time

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man little battlers looks really cool great choise japan

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Damn everybody is leaving m$ is it really that hard to pitch your new ideas with then

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HTC FTW i also got that coverd with my desire

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Dude trully screw you
i am not gonna explain myself why i just said that.
But really screw you

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this guy speaks the truth

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i dont know wich version i should get guys 3g or wifi
because i can send out 3g connection with my htc and its pretty fast. What do you guys think?

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No there still some of us left that can think clearly

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I dont think so the Wii what some crazy hype going fore it and that's what made it , the Wii remote in particular . This Wii u also has a gimmick but we have already seen it on are tablets so people aren't exited fore.

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watch the gametrailers interview there is a lot more to this game then you think it really got my attention

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why does he feel the need to make these stupid fanboy comments.

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Sorry Dude auto correction , I'm typing this with me phone

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Can I assume that why are getting a new zone of the enderz . Please be true

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i understand but oh well then ill get it fore my lame pc thats if it can handle it

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come on why isnt there a ps3 version

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I'm 65% yesssss

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I need help i have looked everywhere fore the welcome back gift but there nowhere to be seen . And I have my ps3 fore 4 years now . Do you guys know how to get it.

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just a question guys didnt R* say they wont be attending fore this year or was that fore GTA5
i hope there lying to us because i want to see this damn game

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damn son and i thought i was a hardcore ff fan

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