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that's the first thing i thought about would be nice if they could get it back on track

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I trully agree with you, i really loved 3 and in all his intervieuws he stayed pretty humble and critical about himself and the game that's how real profesionals work

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Ea still releases good games that can't be said about activision , the only kind of medicore titles are prototype 2 and transformers

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dude don't compare dead space with crappy RE

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it looks really cool need more of these games but i hope it doesnt try to do too much

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lol news is so slow lately that we are approving this. i approved just to troll

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wardevil? omg that must be it

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wow no mario surely he is the most overused character ever

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to be honest guys at this moment they havent showed us anything that wowed any one so in my mind i think its like the wii ,the power of 2 gamecubes, but now the power of 2 360. And second you shouldnt blame the people for making these assumptions since nintendo chose to show the console so early on without any demos to show expect third party games

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This guy speaks the truth I'm from Iraq and I can guarantee you that my stupid dictator started this war because he was orderd to do so be his leader the president of the USA

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come on , were just having some fun damn somebody is cranky today

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screw im joining you brother but only the hot ones, or else im out

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Omg. It's win lose ratio now , that is really a great move . Now people will do those Damn objectives instead of thinking of themselves

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you read my mind , im getting old but what happend to exploring ? this gen fore the SP games it really sucks.
screw this game im getting ni no kun now that is a rpg

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OMG maybr ill attend after this news what to Do now

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There really trying to do something fresh with this game kudos to cyberconnect . And please everybody don't give me its a qte game because the setting the story fighting mechanics are all very different than any game I have ever seen

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thank god atleast they can stop stalling after this lame game .
SE ready my lips we want FFvs13 , not these so called ff games sepeuls

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I Maybe would haved believed them if it wasn't fore dice and there Vietnam expansion pack . Now there layers in my eyes , on crapcom there should be a limit how greasy a company can be

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Black mask is also confirmd fore the game so yeah there still going hard

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much much better then uncharted 2 mp im really diging this 1

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