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lol the people that disagreed with you guys are too scared to comment against you guys. NOBODY WANTS FF13 in general
we all want VS damnit

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My thoughts exactly now I can enjoy the show without fearing for Mp release , now se show the Damn game or else it is trully vaporware

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Is 2 worlds any good because its just 5 euro its almost nothing

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Aperantley you don't know a lot about math

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You will love it trust me one of the best games on the ps2

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this is the rpg i have been waiting for all these years after rogeu galaxy and i know it will deliver
this isn't a first day buy it's a first second buy cant wait anymore must have it know

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wel peter what have you made in the past years that got everybodt talking? fable the journey LOL

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Binary code at the end says E3 so yes you will see it there

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''Actually all we knew about the Wii was that it was a motion control based gaming console and''

no you didn't nobody knew what it was they didn't even announce the official name up until the reveal at E3 there the media blow out happend.
they were beining super mysterious nobody knew what to expect, Nintendo knew how to get people exited at that time.

But im sorry man i really don't see them pulling that off next gen and h...

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At that moment totally nothing was know about the Wii it was a total blank sheet so it explains a lot nobody cared . Now people do see what the Wii has offerd them and aren't impressed. Like the saying goes fool me once...

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Yeah because Sony an Microsoft totally overhyped that thing called motion control gaming and totally deliverd on there promises with games like red steel

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Please don't give me the price argument. Dre beats headphones are selling for 300€ over here and it sells like candy same thing for the iPhone 4s is like 500€ and people still complaint about the best handheld money can buy . Price point is a Invalid argument in my opinion .

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1million reasons why game journalists should stop playing economic/marketing expert because it is not your field of expertise. It's remarkable to see all the journalists think they can do a better job please shut up

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Sleeping dogs looks just really cool I didn't like it under the wings if activision because the developers didn't get enough freedom from them se just let them go all out . Stupid move on my opinion from acti ,dumping a game like dogs and going with the likes of prototype 2

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My thought exactly kenij has outdone himself please let there be a English version in the future I will definitely buy a vita for this game its like a mix of souls plus monster hunter but more flashy and soo much fun

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Guys there is more footage look it up on YouTube they are showcasing the Mp there and that is gonna make me buy a psv it looked so cool

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they should have went ps3 a long time ago instead of making those wii titles thinking of a quik cash in.
but a lot of devolpers made that mistake and the only one suffering from it is nintendo because that means less sales for them in the long turn

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Omg people disagreed with you, come on people what's there to beat cod has been milked to death it hasn't done anything new since cod4 so there isn't anything to beat. And no it doesn't count that they put it in a new time line that doesn't change anything. In terms of sales nothing will stop it until next generation , then people will really see how boring it is because they wont innovate when they need to

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I know right there so funny.
Look we put the settings in the FUTURE this is the most ambitious project EVER.
they think they can repeat what they did with COD 4 be putting settings in a new futuristic time

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what about Sephiroth riding a giant enemey crab wouldnt everybody love that ?

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