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Definitely be ok with this they are doing a great job with all their other studio's

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it's good for you that you have known them for that long, but you like the companies would like you to think you need their service to stay friends with each other. i don't need my ps3 to make friends it is really fun to get to know new people but i have other means for it. That's why i don't have the need to stay loyal to a certain company and to keep my choices open for the best choice. Plus if you are so good friend like you say for almost 10 years and more then you must ha...

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it's not really a big deal if you think about it.
achievments and trophies are really not important at all, you don't need them to have fun with the same game.
as for online friends it's nice to have but also not really a must i can make new online friends everywhere.
not super hard at all.
just the games you may have bought online that's the biggest factor that will help me make my choice in choosing my next console. that is if it's worth i...

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I know it is quite harsh what i am about to say but really nobody cares in japan if dark souls 2 does come out on the 360

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where did you hear that?
and can i have a link please

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these guys are game journalist working for IGN don't expect them to understand that their are other audience groups other than COD Group

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I would love one my good friend.
if its not a problem could you pm it to

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i have to refer you to this site my good sir.
as you can see they have a approxiamte sale of 10 million units. i wouldn't say that's bad at all. Ofcourse if you have a better source with other figures that could show me that i am wrong please point it out to me

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please more PSV love. this guy is really a great producer of games and the vita needs more people like him working on it

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enjoy them my good friend, your patience has been rewarded

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Their gonna be free next week

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Very well said grim, if you don't tale chances and try to create something new and daring if you want to become the market leader

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That is true but the casual market is the hardest one. It's really hard to come back up in that market

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Thank you for adding that , the writer doesn't now anything he is only assuming they liked it over there. That to my comes over as unprofessional journalism

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did you see the footage of ffvs13 it look more promising then anything SE put out there this gen. They trully have failed this gen in my opinion, their out of sync whit what their fans want.I am stress myself anymore with SE games, i will get my fix of JRPG with tales of xillia and NI NO NI kuni <- SE can only dream to make such a charming game now in theit life time

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you said it right my good sir
couldn't say it better myself

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Too bad all the wood in the forest is rotten . And don't give me that crappy about their eidos purchase, we all know se has lost their magical touch .

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i know i will get alot of disagree for this but why are people stil playing pokemon. It hasn't inovated in ages, but my prayer has been answerd with ni no ni kuni this is what i expected pokemon to evolve to (but never happend).
Because of the constant milking i have promised myself never to buy a pokemon game again.

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it sold less then all the other main ff games.
check it on vgchartz, they have some good stats.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.
But we all know it's coming.
I really hope it only sellls a few 1000 copies so that they stop with making ff a serie and make them go back to each one being uniqe

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