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wow i want to smoke what hes smoking

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there bringing dragon age origens to the ps3 and maybe just maybe mass effect i really didnt expect this from a ex xbox exclusief devolper

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why did you bring up wkc it hase nothing to doe with this and your right its level 5 that screwd up my apolgys but hey i just dont like sqaure anymore call my a fanboy but hey thats how i am

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fore ruinning dragon qeust you even got the japanese people mad and that says a lot about how sqaure is doing at the moment its dragon qeust people this game can stop the econmy fore 1 day wow never thought of ever seeing this day

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hmm i see people are liking my video i need bubbles people give them to my because my video is pure awsomnese please if you watched the video post a message i like to hear your response

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this one is better

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when i first so i it i thought damn this looks almost like the art of kratos vs the barbarian just google it and you will see

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oh my gooooooooooooooooog look at the titel it says hard drive can you read english you fanboy $hit damn i gave him solid proof and he is still denying

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here is your prove you fanboy look first before talking bull $hit i really hate fanboys like you talking smak here is another one to be sure you wont talk anymore
now $hut up

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man you are my hero i had this game on pre order but after reading the article i was getting scared if the game maybe will suck but now you gave my hope again bubles fore you

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i am not getting this the other news is saying there wont be any new maps and then this comes allong really weird hope this one is treu

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do you mean project hammer that game looked lame that why it was canceld

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neasly said my friend

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this game is lame ahhaa lol i made it rym

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screeeeeeeew you why cant they make a dlc fore this, gready vampiers man
why should do the same thing people did with left fore dead 2 and reallly not buy the game

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i have a new comer here i am talking about infamous and i will tell you why first i began playing as the good guy and that brought up the felling of goodness is just felt great being good and the people made my smile when they toke pictures and there where some sad moments in there but nothing to cry i am playing evil and there was a mission where you could choose to fry a guy and steal is his stuff i really really really felt bad when doeing sow hmmm was just thinking these emoton...

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sev your the best but i have a qeustion is fat princess confirmd or rumored because these updates are really awsomme.oh yeah did you heard anything about the new valkria chronichels dlc can you give a little hint

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agreed wipout is hard but sf4 you only need zangief

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ahhaha your funny the hardest trophy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is riddick there is one where you have to win 1000 matches online and i am not kidding trust this is hell i will bow fore the guy that has that trophy

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mgs4 has the best game music ever i find it so beautiful i downloaded the hole album just to put it in my psp it so southing kreeps my out how good it is

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