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i will be honest man.
I am very disappointed with SE this gen nothing they have published on the consoles is worth my time or it is pure $heit. I just don't get how you go from making great rpg's and listening to your fan feedback to what they have become to day. But i do love all the eidos content they have been publishing.
I have been playing tales of graces F this past week and man that game is soo much fun.
I don't know sometimes it's better to ke...

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Naaah man people always want more lightning. You know why? Because SE says so.
But I have the feeling if final fantasy 14 fails they will have a major problem. But the good thing about that is that wada maybe fired, damn I dislike that guy

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Easy EA already has the best talent of infinity ward snatched from Activision. Plus the original developers of cod. And last but not least treyarch are average developers that did nothing to prove themselves, they accept to make yearly cod titles instead of fighting against Activision to make something new like infinity ward did to devolp modern warfare

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@balduff there is gonna be a second auction to sell all the unused ip and the remaining ips in the catalogue. Please check your facts and everybody knows vigil didn't sell or else ee wouldn't be here

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yes i did skim it and i disagree with wath you wrote.
Only one look at this rpg makes feel all warm inside and give´s me that oldschool feeling of a true rpg we all used to play last gen.
I find every rpg released this gen very dissapionting even the one´s you named up in your article expect for the soul series. And seeing everybody get hyped on n4g and gaf makes me believe a lot of people want these games but nobody is producing them only level 5 is taking this gamb...

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to see nobody puncing the approve button warms my hart.Everybody knows this game is special and not easily forgotten, but this article will be forgotten

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WOW if the game is back in GTA then i really can't wait to pplay this.

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Best comment of the year, if i could i would have rewarded you with 100 of bubbels.

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the demo is already out on the jap store.
please check your facts before screaming they haven't done anything

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If you go on ign they have stated that it is a teaser, so be prepared for more

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Just like how MH 3 Was only coming out on the WII.
Come on man you know better then this they just change the name a little put some extra features in it and call it MH4g edition just like they did on the psp.

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I don't know why se can't just do what you just said. Their battle system is one of the worst I have ever played. 30 hours into the game I just stopped playing because it was just no fun

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Looked at the video last week to see if the cgi video would hold up to the games released now.
I can easily say that the games released right now are soo much better looking then what was promised at e3 2005/2006

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you think that's weird.
Ninja theory is above sony santa monica and by a lot
this list is a joke

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I life in the netherlands and i don't think its that popular over here, is it really big in the states?

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just no!!!!
the game really looks bad.
Plus the devoloper behind this has never made a good game in their career

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i was sure people would eat it up like candy i couldn't be more wrong.
It was really a shame such a lovely game and people were just ignoring it i hope the re release will do much better over their

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my answer is in the link

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i didn't know you can earn more on pc.
that is good to know, just a question why do they earn more on the pc? less hassle form publisher, or is it form the fact the development cost is lower
(really a honest question no sarcasm really intriged be this)

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i am going to get so much disagrees for saying this but i don't care.

Pc gamers always talk about that their games are the best and they praise them like crazy.
But when the sales come out for a great game like this it shows lacking sales.
Come on guys you have to understand why devolpers always try to focus on console first then the PC.

bigger crowed less piracy, this is just my opinion about it.
And i also want to show why devolp...

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