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maybe just maybe its world of starcraft
blizzard was working on a new mmo

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dude come on that was really funny
great read btw

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i really hated ff13 putted 20 hours into the game and i didnt even have any fun with it.
im playing persona 3 portable now thats a good rpg. shame on SE being beaten be a portable game
also guys when you think your short on rpg get a handheld trully some amazing games on that system

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wow its just the 4th year 6 more to go
damn im happy with my purchase

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You sire maybe right they where teasing it a few months back

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but man im really liking what dice is doing 4 new maps + vietnam damn thats just a hole new game in 1 after my exams im going back like crazy to bfbc2

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when will this release?
i still havent read any date can somebody help my

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damn still need to finish the second 1 damn these games are adicting and soo much fun damn you nis fore making such awsomme games

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sorry bro dont go much to the forums

but toaster im also not seeing it

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I'm sorry man if you don't like it go play cod I think that's more fore you let the big boys play this game

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Blade of Olympus fore my

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wow look at those graphics bioware has kept there word and deliverd.
didnt know what to expect from this game but after this trailer its a must have

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Let my ask you this why do you think bungie choose acti/blizzard over ea because blizzard knows how to work mmo ea doesn't have that much experience in mmo . Second when they where working fore ms they where developing a halo mmo by ms canceled the project there are some leaked screens of the project . Third Michael patcher had a chat with bungie and they told him they where developing a new kind of mmo.he has it in 1 of his videos on gt the signs are to obvious hope I helped you a little...

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30mil thats a steal fore bungie but im really wondering what bungie is cooking right now I do know its a mmo but what kind off mmo

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this game can get really hard

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getting mine next week when my exams end i cant wait

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Man screw realism gta sa was Soo much more fun then gta4 it was such a snooze fest I really hate the thought that I wasted Soo much time on such a bad game and it was Soo boring give my back my airplanes damnit

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man i cant wait fore ni no kuni fore ps3 thank god fore lvl 5 best japanese devolpers in my opinion

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Damn both games are beast . But I like the settings and the stories off both games atleast there trying to be creative instead of Lame games like cod and moh keep the uniqe settings coming guys

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lol i thought it was the other wada i was soo happy when i read the headline but after reading i was dissapointed

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