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i am certain you can buy string from the shop next to the chalice, where you buy everything with insight

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i can live with that

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Wow people disagreed with that statement.
Man I miss rogue galaxy :-(. It was such a amazing games, all those fantastic characters. I loved all my time with it.

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its when you tumble and hit 44 its on the pole.
Some kind of red dog thing tap it and boom you got it.

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That's a Ubisoft title

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Wrong game Bro
Also you failed in your trolling attempt

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When i saw that clip in the new BF4 trailer i just couldn't believe it loved every frame when i saw it

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You can keep this game SE and give me my Damn ff type 0

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man i loved MGO it was so different and still is from everything else. too bad the konami accounts messed everthing up.
Hope they learned there lessons and never pull something like that ever again

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Pfff Liverpool world greatest team please get out of here. The world greatest team right now is pretty much debatable but it's definitely not Liverpool

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Did you even read the title?

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I am gonna take a really wild geus and say uncle scrooge from duck tales.

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dude this is such a great video, i am a business student and this helps soo much in understanding the companies of that time. Plus this guy is a genius, he was 16 when he went to a university

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Wohoo more FF15, i was soo happy with the giant blowout at e3

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but werewolfs also strike in the night and at full moon. Man there is so much lore nobody is tapping into, it's always zombies, zombies and more zombies. Thank god for something different

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this was a horrible rewind theater, come on ign put people that do care about the game for these kind of things.

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I brought the popcorn did you bring the soda?

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That's the first thing what I thought about when I read that line

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Final fantasy lightning.........
Lol i kid she deserved to disapear a long time ago.
But instead we get more sequels

Also good list

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i am feeling you bro this game seems like such a bad game.
But that's what you get when working with spark

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