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Just be glad that they're definitely patching it, with the delay in DLC, I'm just glad that it's being patched this year as opposed to next year.

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I've just gotten back with the NIS Representative, and I've gotten good news on the Trophy Patch front as well :)

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Umm... this is for Civilization Revolution and not Civ 4 :o

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Actually that was Amazon not Tesco, and it was with Lair and Folklore as far as I remember. Not sure I remember anything similar from Tescos.

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Just to note that it's not actually me that created it but a well known acquaintance of mine (Linkin Park Fan from Neoseeker), and yeh it really is amazing.

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It's definitely not a Europe Exclusive, but with Football being a European fav sport, it is released in Europe first. It may be some time before it comes over the shores (now you know how we feel about waiting for other games).

Also have you heard the words "Region Free" and "Importing" before?

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