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With big developers like that, 34 million is probably a disappointment for Rockstar...

Isn't that right Square Enix? ............


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Because the world still hope that EA can change so they continue to spend money.

Of course, we all know they can't.

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Theyre supposed to but there are many times it doesn't.

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Did IGN really compare Last of Us' frame rate to call of duty?


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He doesn't always make sucky films... I mean yeah Spider Man 3 but still...

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Maybe not Bruce as Joel... Maisie as Ellie though is perfect.

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Then explain this...

This game was released last year, high praise, fantastic reviews, many sales for the PS3.

... so the purpose of the PS4 version is...?

You can't say to get those who didn't buy it on PS3 to buy it for PS4 because, yes that's true but that's very minimal. Next gen games are telling almost twice to what a last gen game is selling for, so a PS4 version would almost double that a PS3 copy would make...

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so... max Xbox owners are disliking his post because... he's playing a game that is on their own system....?


You sure?

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Not sure why people are disagreeing with you. You've answered the question...

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"You shouldn't pre-order any game... but I'm gonna mention Alien Isolation in particular cause reasons"

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I own both consoles... yet I'm still kinda angry at Destiny because it literally is just Halo mixed with the dull parts of an MMO.

Seriously. I played the Alpha, and tell me that "its just an Alpha" but the game looked very stitched together to me at that point.

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From the sounds of it, I think it looks like they want to make Borderlands 3, but just for the sake of there being a third. I dont want a third if its just gonna be a "filled to the brim with stuff that just doesnt feel borderlands" if thats not what they'd end up going with.

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You know nothing, Wind Blow.

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My PS4 was having a moment earlier. It wouldnt load any online features and couldnt decide whether it was connected or not. I mean it looked "connected" but nothing loaded o.O

Prayed it wasnt my PS4 going down the pooper but thankfully no =]

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At first I thought: BUT HOW CAN YOU FIT ALL THAT IN ONE LEVEL? Surely you'd go over your limit?

But then I'm guessing they literally erased the world and made their own...

Just.... Wow.

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Ubisoft's was the worst though :l

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"Quantum Break was recently delayed until 2015"

correction. They never did set a date at all until just recently. There was no delay about it.

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" As big as Dragon Age: Origins " or "As big as Dragon Age Origins' ".

The ' makes all the different. Either each level is as big as a level was in Origins OR each level is as big as all the levels combined from Origins.

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Wii U has been out longer.

PS4 and Xbox One both generated a lot of sales in half the time its taken Nintendo.


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It's an alpha. The game is due to be out within 4 months. I'm pretty sure they crammed all they can into their alpha, and if its underwhelming now, I get the feeling it still will be.

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