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This game was a bit of a let down for me. I played it at EGX and while the game looks beautiful and has some of the best graphics seen on PS4 so far... the controls lets it down. Trying to move around the place is a bit clunky. The amount of times I tried to enter cover behind a wall and the character failed to do it.

Also if you're standing behind the wall and the wall happens to be the slightest bit taller than your waist, the game will aim and then be like: "no. S...

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Spot on.

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Repeat after me.


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Skryim development and marketing budget: $85 Million


You sure bruh?

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"I spent $5m from my own bank account. It was a lot of money for me, but we got the money back very quickly."

Considering the first one was a sleeper hit, it was fair to say the second was gonna sell a few million copies over time, which it did.

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I am so looking forward to EGX :D Going all 4 days. My first stop? Oculus stand for sure.

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The Order and Division are clearly next.

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MMOs are supposed to last way longer right?

It's like SWTOR... it takes about 2 hours to rush through each class' planet story, and theres about 12-14 planets to beat, so you're looking at 24 hours ish to beat your class story fully... AND THATS JUST 1 CLASS.

Considering Destiny supposedly cost more to make than SWTOR and the story lasts just 10 hours, then what the hell did they use their money on- oh of course. Most of it probably went to Dinkla...

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dont forget the box art. The box art is doubly important for some stupid reason. More important than the actual game itself.

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Course it got repetitive. The whole game was told around a time loop.

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With big developers like that, 34 million is probably a disappointment for Rockstar...

Isn't that right Square Enix? ............


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Because the world still hope that EA can change so they continue to spend money.

Of course, we all know they can't.

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Theyre supposed to but there are many times it doesn't.

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Did IGN really compare Last of Us' frame rate to call of duty?


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He doesn't always make sucky films... I mean yeah Spider Man 3 but still...

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Maybe not Bruce as Joel... Maisie as Ellie though is perfect.

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Then explain this...

This game was released last year, high praise, fantastic reviews, many sales for the PS3.

... so the purpose of the PS4 version is...?

You can't say to get those who didn't buy it on PS3 to buy it for PS4 because, yes that's true but that's very minimal. Next gen games are telling almost twice to what a last gen game is selling for, so a PS4 version would almost double that a PS3 copy would make...

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so... max Xbox owners are disliking his post because... he's playing a game that is on their own system....?


You sure?

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Not sure why people are disagreeing with you. You've answered the question...

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"You shouldn't pre-order any game... but I'm gonna mention Alien Isolation in particular cause reasons"

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