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I just wonder to yourself. How the heck does the Wii know you're doing any of the moves? You could just stand there and just move the arm that has the Wii mote in it.

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Before I read the article, I just kinda knew Super Mario Galaxy would be there. Seriously, Mario would just make me even more depressed. Wanna know why? It's the people in my college who make Mario sounds that get me depressed as they annoy the s**t out of me.

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Cant wait :D

Played the Demo at Eurogamer, and although I watched the same section about 4 times before I got a chance to try it, it was worth the wait :D

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As am I :D

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I think so too, but I mean look at the left 4 dead hack. He doesnt use any controller and his hack works very well. He's able to move, and shoot.

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an article on sound effects?

Whats next? An article on video game props? You know, like an apple on a table thats there just to look good :P

I know a lot about sound effects. Got a Distinction in my Sound Effects assignment in college. God knows how I did :/

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Comic Jumper just wasnt as fun as splosion man ¬¬

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I live in the UK... What's OZ? I know what HBO is, but what does OZ look at?

Edit: Do you know if they show it in the UK at all? Sounds interesting.

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Its funny how something that became so popular in December to become a bit disappointing to Microsoft. hehe

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I mean seriously (to the hackers) if you made something so expensive, would you like somebody to hack your item where it could (potentially) be fatal if bugged?

I mean not even the hackers realise their hack could become infected by another hacker.

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People said to not take Deadly Premonition seriously. Well im sorry, but I dont have time for the games that waste my time.

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Was there really a point in friend codes before hand? Hardly anybody used theirs. I know I barely used mine on my DS.

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Not every time it doesn't.

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I know this is kinda off topic, but Microsoft should really open up their own store. They have so many products (they could sell any type of PC, bar Macs)(of course not as much as sony) to make their own stores.

Not sure if they already have a store, but if they did, it might help sell 360's even more. Just sayin'.

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So doing something illegal is good? Wow. That makes PERFECT SENSE!


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This is so spooky. o.O

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I believe so too. RIP.

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So.... many..... 3's.... and I was born on March 13th... ARGH! MORE 3'S! .... 1993... THERES ANOTHER! IT'S HAUNTING ME.

But this year will certinaly be an amazing one for multiplat and PS3......another 3.... oh were you expecting me to say Xbox 360? THERES ANOTHER 3!

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wait wait wait. So it'll follow the same style as the DS? Was kinda hoping for a mini blu-ray disc. hehe (Note: I didn't say it will do the exact same thing as the DS. The DS uses cards too)

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Super.... Monkey.... Ball..... :/ Oh Kay...

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