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"Cough. Sorry. My voice box is ill."


bet you said the sort of same thing when you learnt CoD3 was being made by Treyarch #2.3
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Sorry. Thought we were having a sing off........ #1.9
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Now children can beat the crap out of the taliban using their Barbies o.O #8
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@Calm Down Sunshine Dance Central is like the only decent game on Kinect at the moment, which is a shame :( #9.1.2
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wait. This article is like a week old. Im all for Kinect too, but still. A week old? The official numbers aint come out yet. This is about the article when MS had said they has SHIPPED not Sold.

The sold figures should be out today. #7
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I want that talent :( #3
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Theres a problem with digital distribution. There are still ALOT of people who don't have internet access, and that's really the only way digital games can be distributed. Those people would miss out, and it would be unfair on them. #18
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which one is that? I have all 1500G :D #5.1
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It's fine for PC people, but for console people... not so much.

I like to have a solid game case collection, rather than a pixelated collection. My game collection is like a stamp collection to someone else. #1.1
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Thats what I thought... :/

Still. A sequel would bring so much joy. #3.1
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WHAT A SHOCK! /facepalm

xD hehe Go Mass Effect 2! *Waves a flag saying "I <3 ME2* hehe

Im actually tempted to get the PS3 version of ME2 when I buy one. I aint decided yet. Kinda pointless since I have it on the 360. But then it'd be a great collection for trophies ;P Might rent instead though. #3
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Usually, just so they can get a game completed and the review up ASAP. I do for my reviews, but then I usually go back and play on hard.

I do prefer games that have no difficulty setting like Assassin's Creed however. #4.1
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Just sayin'.

However, Alan Wake's nightmare difficulty wasn't too bad. I was hugely brave though to go for the "Gunless Wonder" achievement where I had to not fire a single bullet from a weapon in episode 6.... IN NIGHTMARE DIFFICULTY. #3
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Whats lame is that the video is just some guy acting like a spaz and the fact the guy isn't even using Kinect in the video.

The video isn't even funny anyway. It's just a pile of s**t. #1.1
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Wait, theres a digital comic book store on the PS3/PSP (Sorry. Don't own a PS3. I'm still learning all these features).... Like... Epic :D #1
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Then tell me this. How do you make a game? Do you make a game through a console or do you make one on a computer? And that's proof that the PC is the center. #1.1.2
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No.... it wasn't. It was set between The Sands of Time GAME and The Two Thrones.

Seriously. How many times does that need to go through your head before you realise? Not once did I see a refference between the game and movie. And if it was a movie game, which those games usually suck, how comes I rather enjoyed the game more than the movie? I understand the movie and game were released at the same time, but that was only to try and boost sales.

And if thi... #2.1.1
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You're joking right? Thats like telling Activision Blizzard to stop making multiplat, even though it's known that Blizzard Entertainment has a strong market in PC.

You sir, know nothing, and are a console fanboy. I, on the otherhand, are for on all 3 (PC, 360 and PS3), so that is where you fail. #1.1
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Hey, I only own a 360 (again, getting a PS3 soon) and I want Sony to sue them!

EDIT: Who are those disagreeing? Are they the 360 fanboys, or are they those FOR the hackers?

If they are the 360 fanboys, go away. If they are the hackers, you guys are such dips**ts.

@Karooo and @Genecalypse, there is something called PMing for hate against each other. Use it. #5.1
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That is all.

Edit: Wow. I said that as if Sony was 1 person.... o.O But still, theres like 1000's of Sony employees against a few hackers. Hmmmm.... I wonder who would win?

*calls bookies* Yeh I'd like to put my life savings on Sony to win please! ;)

Could somebody who is disagreeing to please comment and say why they're disagr... #6
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