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They did, but it was still originally an exclusive.

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Shouldnt Wii be tagged too?

Dead Space Extraction was a Wii exclusive, and now its coming to the PS3 part of the DS2 limited edition.

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AGAIN! Shipping 8 million, not selling!

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@Shackdaddy836 You kinda needed to be clearer with your comment. You said there are some good hackers out there but very few.

There are more "good" hackers than you realise.

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So because I only have a 360 (and AGAIN, do I have to keep stating im getting a PS3 soon), Im not allowed to believe that Sony will be a success again this year?

And, I dont RUN a 360 site, I work for one, and before you think its JUST a 360 site, Nave360 has 2 sub sites, for iPhone and PC. We're thinking on a PS3 one someday. Stop trolling and leave me to my own personal opinions.

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AGAIN with the talking about DLC before the game is even out. Even DLC's as small as just adding a character into a game, DLC's should not be revealed public until AFTER the game.

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I predict Uncharted 3 will be the most popular game of 2011. Gears of War 3 will be close, but I honestly think it'll come second. CoD8 will be third, because I doubt many people will care of Call of Duty as they did the past 2 years.


Uhh get it right. I changed my username actually. You do get 1 free username change per account, so don't begin to accuse until you learn the facts. And I am not a fanboy of the 360. Why is it just because I own...

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trust me. There are more hackers in the world than you know. Believe it or not, but there are millions of hackers. They aint just gaming hackers. Im on about hackers in all sorts of thing.

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I am confident it can't.

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I hope so too. Dino Crisis just scared me to bits!

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Im gonna start with Uncharted 1. I love to start from the beginning :)

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You know where they went? Action Shooters replaced them >:(

Although in the past couple of years, there's been Alan Wake (not hugely a horror but still has abit of horror elements), there's also been......... uhhhh.....

Yeh I got nuttin'. OH WAIT! DEAD SPACE 2 very soon. So theres 2..... ok now I got nuttin

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Theres a GOTY edition? Even better for my soon-to-be-in-my-living-room PS3 :)

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I just wonder to yourself. How the heck does the Wii know you're doing any of the moves? You could just stand there and just move the arm that has the Wii mote in it.

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Before I read the article, I just kinda knew Super Mario Galaxy would be there. Seriously, Mario would just make me even more depressed. Wanna know why? It's the people in my college who make Mario sounds that get me depressed as they annoy the s**t out of me.

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Cant wait :D

Played the Demo at Eurogamer, and although I watched the same section about 4 times before I got a chance to try it, it was worth the wait :D

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As am I :D

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I think so too, but I mean look at the left 4 dead hack. He doesnt use any controller and his hack works very well. He's able to move, and shoot.

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an article on sound effects?

Whats next? An article on video game props? You know, like an apple on a table thats there just to look good :P

I know a lot about sound effects. Got a Distinction in my Sound Effects assignment in college. God knows how I did :/

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