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Halo MCC? AHAHAHA no. Sure, the multiplayer had rocky problems at launch, but we need to look at what it is now. It comes with 5 freaking campaigns that have been boosted to look even better and the multiplayer (for the most part) works now.

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I don't think he understands "stab myself in the face" is considered a negative reaction... you wouldn't try to stab yourself in the face and avoid playing this wonderful game......

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What sort of website puts an advert blocking view of their site for 30 seconds and tell you to follow their twitter to unlock it?

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Oh it's a great atmosphere. I very very rarely hear about anything bad happening at EGX. Only time I have is when there was a vlogger being very sexist when going around the convention.

But everyone's friendly because they also know everyones being friendly because they're in an environment of something they love.

I'm going for all 4 days so I have pleanty of time. Let me know if you get to all those games. Slim chance you will, you may miss a...

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Obviously the big games have massive lines. I once spent 2 and a half hours to try out the Wii U when it was being shown. 2 AND A HALF HOURS!

Indie games are much shorter. Sometimes there's no one on an indie game, maybe you just have to wait for the person on it right now to finish, some devs even invite you to try their games.

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This will be my 6th EGX (Eurogamer)...

Expect lots of queues, high prices on food and many opportunities to win stuff you'll never get :P

..... and lots of games, lots of possible merch that looks amazing and if you're very very lucky, meet some celebrities. Nolan North was at Eurogamer once AND I BLOODY MISSED HIM!!! AND HE WAS AT A STORE IN THE EXPO THAT I WAS JUST AT 10 MINUTES EARLIER THAT ITME!

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Did someone say smashing?

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Greatest games to ever exist? No publisher has made perfect games...

To be honest, we all should have seen it coming the moment Ground Zeroes was released. An almost full priced game with such little content (unless you play it to death of course). It's like as soon as Ground Zeroes occurred, the end struck for Konami...

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Well... basically I said that if it wasn't agreed to, then it shouldnt be made.

But if they were to agree to it, then it would increase publicity a smidge more for GTA... but apparently people seem to disagree with that for... some reason.

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See I see it both ways.

I get that if T-T didn't exactly agree to it, then it shouldn't have been made.

Having said that, even if it is on BBC Two (which has little to no viewers tbh anyway here in the UK), it still MIGHT of even made T-T some more sales. Sure, they have enough as it is with 52 Million GTA5 sales, but what's a little more?

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We all did...

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And the benchmark bug still isn't fixed o.O

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Such a good feeling to know a game I'm still playing 3 and a half years later is still making enough money to keep going for many years yet :)

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And that's just Steam alone...

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I think I've found my Skylanders...

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So they fired him from the company and removed his name from every piece of work he's ever worked on...

... which is stupid because he still made the products so his name should remain, fired or not...

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*subject to change.

It is PTS after all.

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Can they really do that though?

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To not be made?

No point. Damage feels done IMO.

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In fairness, PS have Eve. Why can't Xbox have their own?

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