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@patchbot : lol where did I get owned ? It's out in Asian store and I play it right now, you buffoon.

You look really butthurt it doesn't work on Live. Not my fault, buy a PS3 or write a letter to Steve Ballmer.

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Looks like one of the few 360 "exclusives" (available on PC) left will make their way to the PS3 in an enhanced version, like so many games before like :
- Tales of Vesperia
- Bioshock
- Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma

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Of course it's available on PS3 :

Now who is the liar Natsu ? You.

Edit : who cares which store ? I have 3 accounts like everybody, plus it will be available on the other stores in the hours to come if you don't want to use this account.

Talk about nitpicking. Lol

Fact is IT's available on PSN and it works. It doesn't work on Live r...

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Another day, another Live failure or downtime.

Battlefield 1943 works perfectly on PSN and it doesn't on Live.

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I can't even understand what you're trying to say.

I read that's what happens when the IQ points differential is more than 50 points.

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@La Chance : the catalogues more likely justify a PS3 purchase. No AAA exclusive on 360 since last november (Killzone 2 : 92, MLB09 : 90)...

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MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted and LBP run 7 times slower on Xbox though... Wait, they don't even run on Xbox : /

Seriously, if all that should make me buy a 360 is the fact achievements come 0.5 second faster that their improved counterpart on PS3, then... well, there's really no reason anymore to buy one.

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@La Chance : yeah and I guess a MS fanboy would feel butthurt because of this joke

Wait, I don't have to guess, that's what just happened in your post.

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The deals UK get is their money is dead compared to euro, so that's not so great of a deal, it means everywhere brits go now, it costs them a lot.

But yeah, I buy my games there, it's half cheaper than in France shipping included.

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Mass effect 1+2 incoming on PS3 ? It's highly likely considering EA is in the deal.

Day one buy for me, great games are great, whatever the console / PC they're on. And even one year later...

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Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2 will all be available on PC in a better version, so they're definitely not '360 exclusives'.

That's the problem with the 360 in my opinion : not many real exclusives.

You're much better with a PS3 / PC combination, since you can basically play every game available. Plus, you've got the best version of '360 exclusives' on your PC.

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What they call their game doesn't matter, of course they love it that's their baby. Until proven otherwise, the definitive racer this gen will be a Gran Turismo, like it always is.

What matters is what they show, and on the graphics side, it's definitely subpar compared even to the old GT5 Prologue, so it will be dominated by GT5 if they don't change anything.

Cars are much too shiny, they look like plastic toy cars right now. The tracks and mountains are nice though...

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It it is priced so bad, then why does the PS3 sell the same as the 360 worldwide every week while costing twice as much ?

The price is ok, PS3 is well worth the value.

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For me, while Uncharted and Valkyria Chronicles were great, MGS4 is really one of the best games I've ever played, and it's definitely the best game this generation...

On a side note, my PS3 broke while I was about to play the last mission in Valkyria, so now I have to restart from scratch (no backup), but I'll probably do it since the game is great.

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I guess the MS fanboys will still defend MS. But why would MS fix all those downtimes if everybody is happy with this poor quality ?

PSN is free and it works better, that's unacceptable.

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Another week, another downtime on Live...

MS, I'm really fed up with that now, I'll cancel my subscription if it goes on...

Why the heck does a free service like PSN works better and with less lag than a service I'm paying for ?

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