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He's talking about games where you single handedly wipe out platoons of enemy soldiers like a walking tank, and he's worried that exploding barrels defy logic?

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Ooo I totally want this :)

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I think we are starting to see Microsofts huge viral marketing push here on N4G.

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So I take it a paid subscription will be required for single player games now?

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What'sannoying is how many people read the title and so few read the article . The greatness article was pretty positive about the ps4

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What did you learn from bad company 2?

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I thought the object of the game was to stay on the track. What r u expecting to find out there, a quest giver?

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it's not vaporware. its on the market now. under indie games.

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An exotic super car is MORE likely to handel like its on ice at 50 mph than a regular car. When you have that much horse power behind the throttle it becomes much harder to control. Good tires can only make up for part of that. But the fact is those cars are made for skilled drivers. People who care less about safety and ease than they do about raw power. When you loose control of a supercar its much morwe unforinin than what forza let's on

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I don't know. Did ALTTP let you create your own character? Was it 3 dimentional? I do know that you,like me, havnt played this game. And you, like me, have no idea if this game is really a complete replica of alttp or not. You don't know the level design. You don't know what or where all the puzzles are. So until then your kinda talkin out of your arse.

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Maybe nintendo should sue epic over shadow complex first. While we are at it george lucas should sue mel brooks, and The waynes brothers should be in jail. Seriously the kids around here are plain stupid. This game looks fun

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to catch the frisby you have to control the partner. start running out before the frisby gets to you. you you catch it standing up you'll spin it on your finger, but ou can press a button to dive for it too. seems he didnt know how to jump in the bmx and skating game.

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when jack said. Exclusive to the ps3 in 2010 I do believe he implied it was timed exclusive. FFXI. Was on 360 so thi shouldn't be a surprise. Also if your interested in this game at all you want it to show up on the 360. MMOs need people in order to not fail. The more potential customers the less likely it will be that the game will fail. And to the 360 fanboys bragging. MS pulled the same crap when they insinuated mgs:r would be exclusive

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if that video inspired nothing in you then you are not a shooter fan. BTW rumor on neogaf has it that coop is getting patched in later

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I'm gonna stop playing football with my buddies on weekends. I mean seriously. It's the same tired game play that's been rehashed for the last century. The NFL really needs to come up with something new. maybe stick a destructible brick wall in the middle of the field or something. or the ball explodes if it's held by one person for more than 10 seconds. Now that's innovative. seriously though. I'm getting tired of all this crap about how the only games worth while are innovative one...

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they don't all use deticated servers. some games use P2P. for example COD4. when the host leaves you get booted. The difference is that sony allows deticated servers most first party games have used deticated servers. For the most part Lives structure is P2P but there are exceptions to that

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what about after christmas last year when live was crapping on and off for a month with all the people trying to play COD4 and Halo 3? I remember that pretty vividly. heck a few months ago they released an update that screwed things up for alot of people for a few days. You cant honestly tell me that live never has trouble. You cant easily predict what a million people will do when they get ahold of a product making server requirements hard to predict even for MS.

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God is a trinity made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is both the son of God and God at once.

Ths is supposed to be a family friendly game with mass appeal. Believe it or not, controversy could actually hurt this game. I'm sure if one of the songs in the game said I hate god, or Jesus is evil in a foreign language they would probably do the same exact thing. besides it's only a week why the hell is everyone making such a big deal a...

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did you even read the article? Or were you just hanging around waiting for the chance to blast a Playstation game? not everyone will be able to charge for thier content. Only people who create content thats particully good can even qualify to charge for thier content which means that the majority of the content is free. and to start with everything will be free. what you said made absolutely no sense. "of course it will be free at first because there wont be anything to charge for....

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"XBL is the only way to play online games."


Ok that was funny. I play online games on my PC all the time. it's VASTLY superior to live Including free add on game content (mods) voice chat xfire. and I don't pay a dime for it.

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