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I get a damaged or used items about every other order recently. Last order I got a pelican bottle that was all dented up and the order before that I got a phone case the box was destroyed and it didn't have any accessories in the box just the case and it was out of the plastic, chain lube and they didn't tape the top and the whole inside of the box was soaked with lube. I've gotten collector edition games boxes smashed up, regular game cases cracked. 3 years ago I hardly ever had ...

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Yeah I don't care how many they sell. I'm paying for prime I want my damn discount!

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MLB the show was never available for pre-order and you still can't buy the game through Amazon. If you ask me they're ripping people off. Not selling preorders and releasing the game after launch when you don't get the discount I tried to pre order god of war and I never saw it available on there.

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I tried to preorder MLB the show and it was NEVER available. I tried to order god of war it was up for pre-order for a split second then wasn't available till about a week after launch. The main reason I have prime is for the video game discount now if they're not going to carry the games and put them for sale after they release when you don't get the discount I want some damn answers! I contacted them weeks ago they gave me some BS line about supplier problems.

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Hell yeah. They need to add online RTTS and co-op multiplayer matches ASAP! that would be dope!

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Wtf you talking about this is real life!

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Because most guys don't want to play a game as a chick. Or at least be forced to that's the answer plain and simple lol.

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Wtf is this article talking about. Why would treyarch remaster a infinity ward game??? treyarch is the only developer that can make a decent call of duty anymore they don't need a remaster to bundle with the games but if they do, it will be [email protected] not MW2. The writer needs to use some basic common sense lol and when they remaster MW2 next year 100% they F it up anyway, everyone forgets how annoying that game was anyway one man army noob tube, tac knife commando lunge, spas 12, UMP, quick sco...

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The PS5 will be out by the time Xbox gets any real exclusives. lol

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Prolly because it's the only game on that system worth playing lol

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I'mma get it even tho I can't stand GameStop in the hopes that we get more old gen remakes. I would love to play a legend of dragoon remake

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Player retention? The games been out for like a week. LOL

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Did we play the same game?? The resident evil 7 I played had a total of 3 enemies yes 3 over and over again.. and a whopping 2 bosses 3 if you can even count the last 1. I'm over here wondering if amazon screwed me or not because the game I played was trash!

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Save your money the game is not good at all unfortunately.

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The remaster and zombies!! I'm surprised how good the zombies is cuz the multiplayer is some shit.. no way the people that worked on zombies worked on the multiplayer lol

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The campaign may be good but most everyone plays for the multiplayer and that's not good.

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Well I'm a pretty big cod player. I've owned every game since cod 3 and I dislike the game and cancelled my preorder, I might be a fan but I know trash when I see it and they were on a short rope after that crapshow ghost Anyway. I will buy MW remaster if they release it separately for about 30$ tho other than that they can eat a fat one. Everyone is sick of the crap there trying to pull and I feel the preorders show it.

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Wow you got alot of nerve saying female.. there is a infinite number of genders depending on what people identify as! I can't wait to see the options!! -_-

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Sad and all but who is this guy exactly??? Never heard of him

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