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Bluetooth support and fix the damn not enough memory alert when watching videos on the internet wtf thats been Fd since launch! #2.4
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Super street fighte v ultimate turbo championsip alpha arcade edition! Cant wait to get SSF5UTCAAE! hahaha #4.1
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This guy is a moron all the BS and headache he went through the last couple years for something this stupid! Everyone trying to make a quick buck Hope he feels stupid. #1.2
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Ive played all of them either through a demo or ps+ and the only one i found interesting was soul sacrafice.. I did play uncharted golden abyss a little bit but still couldnt get into it for some reason. #1.3.3
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Zelda or mario,, wait damn it lol... i got my vita like 2 years ago and maybe have played it a total of 50 min playing street fighter alpha 3. A zelda game on the vita would kick ass tho. To be honest i have no clue what they could release, i own the system and dont even know what i would want to play on it. #1.3
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Yeah but this one is made by the one company that has yet to F it up so i still got high hopes! Really wanted W@W 2 tho #1.1
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I do believe that is still a lingering problem the rereveal and E3 were atrocious and to blame it on the ps4 and community is a joke! after the reveal we desperately tried to warn them what they were doing wrong M$ pretty much gave us the middle finger and went ahead with there E3 they could of changed so much in that timeframe..the only enemy the xbox has is microsoft! Plus sony had all there ducks in a row great system size, and specs, awesome controller there was literally nothing sony did... #1.8
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I do agree with this. somebody on one side of this thing must of extreamly pissed off the wrong person, because i dont ever recall anything like this happening before and to be honest is pretty ridiculous for a company to do this to someone who has made them tons of money for years. If i would have to guess i would put my money on konami trying to force something kojima said no they said yeah or were gonna do this he prolly responded go to hell and now this is happening atleast in my mind tha... #1.8.1
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I got mlb 15 its pretty awesome best sports game ive played in a while. #4.1
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I agree.. There are a few things i think they need to focus on 1 online connection needs improving,2 just more animation like swing and miss to a knee and fall down, a swing at a pitch outside maybe throw the bat at the ball if u cant reach it just more animations in general. And 3 just improving the gamemodes in place everthing else is good to go. #3.1
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Didnt have it on vita had 14 on ps4 so mine was easy, my buddy had to save his ps3 version to the cloud in order to get it to the ps4 not sure if that helps or not. #3.1
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I used to do the same but i havent touched it in about 5 weeks now. The dark below didnt have nearly enough content to hold me over! #1.2.1
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Got mine pre ordered im a sucker for steelbooks and themes so this is right up my ally the game packs are just a bonus! I cant wait to play! #1.2
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I also dont think they should go mobile they need to focus on slightly imporving there already fantastic handheld meybe make a ps store type thing for there handheld offering nes and snes games it already has the button layout. But idk im just a random guy look how stupid flappy bird was and how much money that made that kept my attention for a whole 2 seconds. It depends if they want to cater to video gamers or the brain dead population that watches the vue and are happy playing pointless ti... #1.2
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@gamespawn this is a nightfall strike walkthrough no matchmaking your playing solo or with friends who i hope if they are new they would listen to you. On the other hand if ur doing a heroic again put ur mic on and tell them a good strategy if they dont listen to you i doubt there gonna want to look up one of the millions of how to play destiny videos online so either way you look at this its still irrelevant. #2.2.5
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@ABMN and i have passed over it, ive done so several times a week for months. But its to the point now that its getting redundant, ive been around this site a really long time and its not right to come into our community and start spamming destiny videos to try to better your youtube channel and link to personal websites for hits yes at one point these videos had a point.. Now they dont. #2.3.3
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I completely agree. When these were new i get it but now your just abusing the system. Your linking to your own article, and straight to your youtube just for hits, please give it a rest till the house of wolves dlc comes out, you need to double check the posting guidelines and yeah there bendable but come on 15 different walkthroughs of the same strike is overkill. #2.3
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Yeah its going to duel launch with the legend of dragoon 2. I kid, i kid, but could u imagine if both games came to ps4 at this point id settle for a legend of dragoon remaster haha it sold well on ps1 and when it came out on psn so i wish they would do something with these games #3.1
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@dragonknight yeah if ur a person that has the power to do something yeah thats ok. if ur just 1 of 50 or 100 employees not gonna happen, especially when everyone else is to scared to say anything i see it everynight at my job everyone isall on the same page about a situation the boss comes in everyone shuts up me and 1 other guy try to get our point across nothing ever happens or changes then me and him end up pulling shit jobs because we opened our mouth.. so u really only got 2 options fin... #1.2.8
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I dont care who u are are what job u do if ur not the top guy its best to just keep your mouth shut and go with the flow. the people that buck the system and are vocal about things they see a problem with and make it known are not around long! #1.2.5
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