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Sorry posted by accident

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You and everyone else but they keep trying to shove this gimmick crap in our face.

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This is a no for me also if it's true.. I just want Nintendo to make a damn console, tired of all the damn gimmicks!

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I agree to a extent, if capcom comes out in a couple weeks or so and says the ax and the finger are worthless I would imagine alot of people searching for a answer would be pissed.

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Idk maybe I'm burned out with this whole jet pack boosting future junk the store might be ok idk but I have low expectations for the multiplayer and that's what most people by cod to do.. like I said I bought alot of cod and BF and this is just more of the same stuff over and over I also don't think infinity ward is that great of a developer anymore, I don't think the game will be good

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Exactly I don't get it either pretty much that 1st sound effect gave it away apparently the people there were fools..

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I'm confused how people didn't know it was duty. I could tell almost immediately and i wasn't impressed at all this will be the 1st cod since COD3 that I'm not going to buy.. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from ghost and to be honest I might not buy the next one either cuz AW was trash! If I can get MW remastered for like 30$ without supporting this new game I might do that tho.

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Reads title and thinks.... Hmm neither does opinions!

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Yes yes yes. Sony please throw money at this so it happens.

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Agreed but it's the year 2016 now lol ;) ive had mlb 15 for almost a whole year now haha

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Well his reading skillz are better than your nonsensical writing cuz "haven't once experienced many" makes no sense at all!

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Thats where the feet are supposed to be i got a launch ps4. 2 feet on the right and 2 feet inline with the power eject buttons no problems with my system yet, and she still runs quiet

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Game is on sale for 20$ till the 5th

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MLB 16 already has been announced and the trailer and trailer break downs looks quite good and they announced mlb 15 sold well last year the show is hear to stay

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Dont forget mlb 16 is coming out in march and looks amazing and mlb 15 did quite well!

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Maybe we can see clair work some... Overtime if u know what i mean lol worst RE line ever haha

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The problem with resident evil 6 was it wasnt a resident evil game leons campaign was pretty good but short then i found myself playing a run and gun zombie game if u think RE6 was in the same ballpark as RE4 then ur delusional sorry lol.. I didnt care for RE5 that much but it was still leaps and bounds better than RE6. And i preordered the collectors edition and belived capcom about goin back to there roots just like everyone else and got slapped right in the face

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Exactly why remaster the most hated main game in the series regardless of how it sold it pissed alot of people off them spinning the whole were goin back to our roots BS then we get action zombie warfare. From what i recall everyone including me was pissed

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I have to agree if im in a terrorist hunt trying to get into a house to disarm a bomb... Why the hell are terrorist coming from outside? Was in a game today and the whole team got wiped out before we even got in the building we were driving the drones around

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