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Not really sure how they can make the ps4 slimmer without going totaly cheep! I personally think this is the best looking console in a while id rather see more color options would be cool its already pretty much 299$ #6.1.2
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Yeah but now we gotta wait another 3 damn years till we get a decent cod again.. I hooe people learned and dont buy ghost and AW2 #1.3
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Legend of dragoon!.. Oh wait #1.1.11
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Thanks i yhought it was still 5% #5.2
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How u getting 10% from chase? #5.1
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She was taking a jab in the face all night it was almost laughable, one straight from floyd it would be night night u guys saying she even has a chance are fools drinking the dana white koolaid trying to clinch on the boxing tit as usual cuz no1 gives a shit about ufc. #1.2.20
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Exactly the hype train got derailed if they'll still try to suck on boxings tit one way or another. Hopefully we dont have to hear about Rondell Rousey anymore and that roadhouse remake gets scrapped! #1.2.2
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Not only was it the best looking. But owning one actually made u that 1 guy who has a neo geo lol... And the system has Giga Power that just seals it right there haha #16.1
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Everyone on this site must be really young or got into gaming late the snes or super famicon look great + the games were awesome.. the turbografx 16 supergrafx and colecovision all were great also back in the day the colecovision's little controller nook was dope lol, the neo geo was a heavy hitter and looked cool but damn was that bitch expensive! But i would have to say the neo geo is the best looking plus if u actually owned one u were that kid everyone wanted to hang out with haha. #1.3
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No way in hell new systems come by 2018 maybe by nintendo.. 2020 sounds about right #15.2
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Agreed AW and ghost even MW3 were shit! I was really hoping for a W@W2 that would of been crazy way overdue! #1.2.4
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I completely agree with this statement! #6.1
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Advance warfare @ #3 lol thats one of the worst cod's ever made. move that down to #6 modern warfare to #3 and world@war at 4 switch them 3 around and the list would be pretty good. I might even drop AW to 7 or 8 that game was legit trash! #1.2
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Yall been whining and complaining about konami for months now grow up and get over it its a business! You wanna blame someone blame the fuckin brain dead idiots thats making flappy bird and candy crush saga millions of dollars. Why would konami spend tens of millions making a ps4/xbox game when they can throw some crap out on mobile and make a ton of money. It feels like its been almost a year now of you fool goin waaaaaaaaa i hate konami they was mean to kojima waaaaaa actin like u know koji... #1.1.8
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Hope they fix the way ken looks! wtf #1.1.2
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Bluetooth support and fix the damn not enough memory alert when watching videos on the internet wtf thats been Fd since launch! #2.4
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Super street fighte v ultimate turbo championsip alpha arcade edition! Cant wait to get SSF5UTCAAE! hahaha #4.1
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This guy is a moron all the BS and headache he went through the last couple years for something this stupid! Everyone trying to make a quick buck Hope he feels stupid. #1.2
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Ive played all of them either through a demo or ps+ and the only one i found interesting was soul sacrafice.. I did play uncharted golden abyss a little bit but still couldnt get into it for some reason. #1.3.3
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Zelda or mario,, wait damn it lol... i got my vita like 2 years ago and maybe have played it a total of 50 min playing street fighter alpha 3. A zelda game on the vita would kick ass tho. To be honest i have no clue what they could release, i own the system and dont even know what i would want to play on it. #1.3
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