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I'mma get it even tho I can't stand GameStop in the hopes that we get more old gen remakes. I would love to play a legend of dragoon remake

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Player retention? The games been out for like a week. LOL

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Did we play the same game?? The resident evil 7 I played had a total of 3 enemies yes 3 over and over again.. and a whopping 2 bosses 3 if you can even count the last 1. I'm over here wondering if amazon screwed me or not because the game I played was trash!

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Save your money the game is not good at all unfortunately.

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The remaster and zombies!! I'm surprised how good the zombies is cuz the multiplayer is some shit.. no way the people that worked on zombies worked on the multiplayer lol

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The campaign may be good but most everyone plays for the multiplayer and that's not good.

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Well I'm a pretty big cod player. I've owned every game since cod 3 and I dislike the game and cancelled my preorder, I might be a fan but I know trash when I see it and they were on a short rope after that crapshow ghost Anyway. I will buy MW remaster if they release it separately for about 30$ tho other than that they can eat a fat one. Everyone is sick of the crap there trying to pull and I feel the preorders show it.

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Wow you got alot of nerve saying female.. there is a infinite number of genders depending on what people identify as! I can't wait to see the options!! -_-

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Sad and all but who is this guy exactly??? Never heard of him

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Guy can back and do whatever the hell he wants.. hope he tells them to shove it! He's free to live his life how he wants. Wether you agree or not with him does not matter...and if this company refuses to do business that's there choice also.

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A remake of all the good old Castlevania games would be sweet like a collector's or legacy edition .

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I agree after playing the demo a hundred times trying to figure this damn finger out all they added was a room with like 3 more worthless items! If anything this is getting me more pissed off than excited

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I have 3 bad controllers the launch one the left stick would send me sprinting forward when I was trying to go backwards.. 2nd one my right stick would constantly aim at the ground.. and my 3rd one the L2 just went out on it guess the spring snapped or something.. overall the DS4 has been trash.. never had a problem with any of my DS3 controllers tho..

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I've had the system since launch and have played a crap ton and never had a problem with the rubber.. my joysticks spaz out on 2 controllers and my left trigger on another broke the other week tho. I definitely had better luck with the DS3 durability although the layout is better with the new one

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I would rather spend my money on another controller and rotate them in and out than have to buy a shit ton of batteries to throw away!

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Am I the only one that finds them recommending a 60inch TV odd when SONY does not make a 60 inch TV lol... But if your looking for a good TV the 65inch sony 750d is great and handles gaming really well with a low input lag so throw that on your list to consider when shopping :)

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The thing here is the price.. sony is genius and I do believe this will work out for them 299 and 399 for the pro now by the time the Scorpio comes out the pro should be 349 and getting good bundles and 249 for the slim.. no1 is going to pay top dollar for a Scorpio when it's playing the same damn games!! At least not the majority of the public..

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I actually think calling it the pro was a really smart move not everyone would know what a neo or whatever is other than people like us that follow this stuff, but the average Joe goes in and sees ps4 and ps4 pro that pretty much tells everyone that it's the samething but slightly beefed up not really any guess work too it.

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Exactly.. it goes both ways usually guys are jacked and muscled up. And chicks are toned with a nice body the only people bitching are people that don't even game and just looking for something to complain about..

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Agreed no more subs from this site please..I couldn't even read the damn article!

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