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Really great stuff.

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This is my new go-to local MP game now.

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You ripped the box. Fail.

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That would be up to SCEE to make that happen. I guess the first step would be to make a cool big budget video using a lot of crafted costumes and weapons.

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The stand is pretty awesome. Just another accessory we don't need to buy this time around. Of course, the stand wasn't released at the same time as the PS Eye for PS3.

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This is a cool feature. I haven't heard about it before. And this can't be done on an arcade stick? That's kinda backwards, but reminds me of CvS2EO with the right stick super moves for noobs.

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I absolutely agreed with you about the landing part in my review. But there is more to the online (or lack there of) than you mention. The Adrenaline Race races house online leaderboards behind the square button. There, you can challenge the recording of any other persons best time and alternatively earn the three gold stars for that race by learning the route of someone faster than you.

I wished there were more races, some sort of over-the-top playground mode, and some kind ...

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It's really too bad that people think they deserve free stuff for being an early adopter. As one commenter wrote on a previous Wii U Daily post, you get to play Wii U games before everyone else.

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Pachter thinks his opinions are worth gold, but the value of gold drops daily. Vita can only get better with time and more popular with PS4. It's success falls in the laps of Sony's marketing department to optimize the overstocked potential for sales. I love my Vita and prefer it over my PS3 for some games, not all of course. But if a console equivalent of all my favorites were available on either PS3 or Vita, I'd buy it on Vita immediately, and wait on the PS3 versions. Most of t...

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I am looking forward to The Pinball Arcade on PS4, but I'm worried about it's success with both early adopters coming from PS3 or not, and if they decide to charge full price for these tables after I've already spent full price on them once.

Though, I'm reminded of a tweet from Bobby Loertscher from Zen Studios where she said she was receiving emails from people asking why they couldn't download all other version of Zen Pinball 2 on a different platform th...

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As much as I didn't want to comment on this, you brought it back to topic so now it's okay. I must agree with everything you said. ROFL

I also said this when I first heard Nintendo was going anti-YouTube. I hope they are done playing dress-up as Microsoft executives now.

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I've always wanted a blue one. I don't know why, it wouldn't go with anything in my space. It's just cool looking.

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You're really making me feel bad for not already having this game. I'm a huge MK fan, fan of Netherealms, Ed Boon and the rest of the guys, and huge fighting game fan. Yet I don't have this game. Partly because I have been broke, and partly because there are just too many fighting games. My Vita's first speaking phrase was "no more fighters please." Though, a part of me is wishing Injustice was on Vita. Doh!

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People love wallpapers and hi-res never hurts. Thanks!

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This is ironic because I think homebrew sells consoles these days. This is why new contenders (sort of) like the OUYA are desirable.

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Let's hope they have some master plan that no one sees coming.

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I need to get this game. I need to get some $$$ first.

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These seem better than the Rocketfish I'm using now.

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This is an early sign of the Indie push, nothing else. PS4, like the Vita, digital games market will be driven by award winning contenders made by Indies. Guacamelee, Sound Shapes and Journey come to mind.

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Their major concern is releasing first. There are a ton of posts on ps4daily that indicate this will be least expensive console release in history.

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