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It's a little embarrassing actually..

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Street Fighter V is almost as horrible as the new Mortal Kombat...almost. But of course gameplay wise it's two different leagues where SF is more thanplayable and MK is a stiff and boring experience.

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Deep down you don't know what you're talking about as Capcom produce more quality games you'd probably never heard of. And with a little effort they might take the western market (yes, that includes Europe too).
And deep down I agree Resident Evil been crap since the ok one #5.

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Ok, you're talking about 0.001 % of every game made in Japan.

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The art in this game looks very poorly made. And that is what western game developers always have problems with.

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This is definitely some of the biggest reasons gaming is in a crisis for us that grew up with real games: "Art lost, consumers too stupid to think for themselves"
And fanatics sites like n4g that lives inside Sony's womb and never will come out to see the world for what it is.

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Wow, what an in depth analysis on how to defend this "game". Pro-Sony fans on home ground making it easy for themselves. Easy does it of course...

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This is a Sony community you know, not a community for real gamers.

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The music in this game is amazing like everything else except the story.

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Did you ever play Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong, Banjo etc?
No, I don't think so because then you wouldn't have tried to see this from an objective standpoint.
Have a good evening.

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And you cal this news??
Rare was dead as a professional(in true gamers eyes)company after the N64 era because some key employees left because Microsoft bought the company in desperation.

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Have you ever tried to understand business? Could you please tell me what an adult person is in the world of video-games? What does the adult ones play? Is Playstation an adult console? Why?

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Have video-game journalism completely given up to be good?

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There was one Turok game worthy of mentioning, and it was the first one. We real gamers are tired of hollow and generic first person shooters that's been polluting the market for this and the last generation.

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A lot of words in this video and totally lacking content.
I'm sorry to say this, but it was a mediocre video for the masses.

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Try FF13-3 and you'll be surprised of a unique atmosphere. The music is fantastic and the gameplay is super fluid.

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The question is if this is a game changer. In my opinion it's just a gimmick, but hopefully an expensive gimmick we will learn from.

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Totally agree, but the common man can be hyped from everything if the marketing is done right.
Just take a look at all these comments. There is a great lack of depth in them.

"The common man is a fool"
-H L Mencken

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So the masses must be right? The best games, movies and music ever made is not the best sellers. Never have and never will be.

So you can proudly mention all the units PUSHED, but in reality Wii U owners have the BEST games right now because of Nintendo. And please take notice of the word "games", because this is all it's about. Gameplay is the most important factor, not marketing that PUSH units.

Nintendo know how to be profitable and stand out...

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