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that dosnt mean they use steam, hell i have steam and its connectec 24/7 but does it mean i touch it? some times i go 5 weeks with out even opening but my account is always online, so that dosnt mean they are really that many people also if allot of people do what i do #8
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look at bf4 as a recall. hell look at GMC they recalling thousands of cars shit happens #7.1.1
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dont blame EA for the team ur stuck with, not their fault some ppl dont care of objectives and only care of their k/d. and stop bitching of free premium, if u got the money pay it if u dont stop bitching, u would not do extra work for some one for free now would u? would u work 2 days for ur boss with no pay? no one would., they arent forcing u to buy it, u can still play with out it #2.3.1
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love killzone well KZ2 this new ones suck balls, anf F the online torphies u cant even choose to ur things in 2 different slots and 400 kills really? grindign torugh them right now #4.1
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plays allot better after update, still needs improvement #1.3
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the DLC is free so stfu! if ur premium u get ALL DLC when u transfer to ps4, so stop complaning for a free DLC u got it one time get a job and aford money #2.4.3
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they better do something nice after they fucked up Dead space series #5
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there is a pallet with like 50 XB1's at costco in oxnard,ca right at the entrance, no one even bothers to look at them no ps4 tough #1.1.3
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some fucken ppl are just never happy, just dont fucken use it, they dont have to give it, fucken anoying ppl #1.3
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@Silly Mammo black friday? u mean thursday shit no one celebrates thanksgiviing nwo they are all makeign lines at stores #1.1.5
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THE CONTROLLERS! why they dont give u bf3 options? #12
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fuck they are nice i already have the normal A50 and today i saw them at bestbuy for $239.99 better than the $300 i paid for them, only regular A50 BF4 is online online or torugh astro #1
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haha there u go and why dont u gloat any more u pc gamers, u dotn get ddos on gaming sistems #1.2
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the downside for the official ps3 headsets is if u lose the ubd dongle sony does not sell replacements, and u have to basically buy a new headset, thats why when i could not find my usb dongle i decided to buy TB px5 but they had so much interferancem ended with the astros A50 and love them worth the price #4
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i never cared for party chat, or x game chat because that ruins team based games instead of talkign to your team u lose focuse, and ps3 has chat option to talk to up to 6 freidns on video or was it 4? anyways u can never used it i play games on the ps3 if i wana chat i got my phone or laptop #4.3.1
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if u mean me im not, free is free but if u get a free lobster to a free cheesburger ur gona prefer the lobster #7.1
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but you see, thats why u need to be smart, since i got ps+ i only get the game i really want the rest i wait, like hitman absolution, metalgear, saintrow 3rd, lbp2 lbpk, spacemarines 40,000, speco ops the line, hell last game i bought was The Last of Us and before that was BF3 #4.1.1
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The game was released on September 25, 2007, WOW 6 years after poor 360 owners,.... but for us in PS+ Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance February 19, 2013 Hitman: absolution, what a difference in game seletions #4
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no body whants digital, look how mad ppl gor when u were not gon abe able to sell the xb1 used games, i only get digital games because ps+ other than that i would never buy a full digital one #2.1
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ohh im a sony fan boy but honestly ps4 is ugly slanted makes it nasty, x boz looks better have to give them that ps4 would be awsome if it was straight #17.2.1
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