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But its not even right... the lid opens the wrong way it should be on top not botom. makes it look like a chinese ripff

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i dont even know what kojima and konami are arguing about but i do know that this game gets boring quick, i prefer classic story line mgs like the other ones

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if u have a ps4 ill sell u my copy for $15 bucks, i cant drag my self in doing another mission. such a drag runing or riding a horse to next mission or even using the ACC, air comand post. and all the micro transactions are a killer. i prefer old mgs games with a lineart story and no open world

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i prefered MGS4 than this, this game such a drag im only at 19% and tired of repeating the mission over and over again.

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im only at 19% and its a struggle to do another mission, such a drag now that its an open world game, i lost intrest in all the time filler with using the ACC or runing acros the map for next mission. worst MGS game ver

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this game is like rising has the metal gear name but feel completly different, not once have i felt the urge to judge my shots like in othe rmetalgear games always plenty of amo

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H-hour is the most anticipated game for me

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uhh is it me or the hardest game play setting dosn't even seem difficult? ive never strugles in a game as much as i did in Killzone 2. but this game was better than the rest they need to raise the difficult more,
all u have to do is shot cover shot, and run forward to skip that sceen with enemies. one example is the level were u gona kill the bad guy, all u do is run forward and "magically" they run back

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actually if u trade in destiny bestbuy will give u $40 so $40+$5.70= will save u $45.70 PLUS all the hours ud spend on Boring Destiny, like 6 hrs tops

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u will regret buying it, save ur money, whait a few weeks the price will drop. look at all the trade ins bestbuy and gamestop have of it already less than a week. i only got it cuse of the white ps4

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u are wrong there madame. Killzone 2 was a perfect MP game, great story hard to play online perfect, untill they ruined it with KZ 3 and KZSF.

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titan fall is boring, thats why they are droping allot of suport on the pc version, yets its funer than destiny, god destiny was a bitch to try to play it for 8 hrs

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actually i was doign the same thin in the first 30 min to what i was doing 6 hrs in to it,
1. travel to mission.
2. kill enemys.
3 ghost scan/open dors.
4. fight enemy waves in a section where respawn is not permmited.
5. finish lvl and repeat.
once i got to the MP i never touched the SP. got $40 for it at bestbuy

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lol the game sux ass, turend it in already at best buy, they way things are going the trade in price will drop because it sux $500 M in what?

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well. best buy is giving you $27 for it plus %50 more a total of $40 for it, trade it in while u get soem money back. its gona go down in price quick, i only got it because the white ps4 edition, tried ti for 6 hrs hated it all

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well i didnt pay attention to it that well i was thinking it was a game like titnfall halo or bf4 a game u play against other players not with other, it is freken borring tough, played it for 6 hrs and got bored in the first hour forced my self to see if i liked and nope, taking it back for a trade in. atleast the white ps4 is bitching

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well i completly fell for the adds they completly mis judge me thinkin git was a game u layed against other humans, not a game like WoW, good thing i only got it because i wanted the white ps4, in other hands im gettign $40 for it at gamestop.

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well. i only got it becaus ei wanted the white ps4, ohh boy am i gona go trade it in tomorrow as soon as best buy opens up

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well, i only bought it because i wanted the white ps4, playe dit for 5 hrs and as soon as best buy opens tomorrow im taking the game in for a trade in, hell they are giving 50% more trade in bonouse, game is super boring, controls are clunky, titan fall is better

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funny how u say the horrible pc is better besides the graphic wich i dont notice a difference between my gtx 780 ti classified and my ps4 i prefer my ps4 speciallt the stupid keyboard and mouse, FUNNY how valve is trying to use contolers with their big screen set up

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