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And if your mom would have swallowed we would be spared your retarded comments palaeomerus:)

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While I would classify COD4 as a AAA game, that doesn't mean the entire franchise is AAA.

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Bubble for truth!

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I agree, I was just telling a friend how amazing LA Noire looks. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Hey Urmomlol, why don't you do something useful like go kill yourself? Or better yet why not submit something. All you do on this site is report and never approve, stop failing at life!

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Just played the Killzone 3 beta and you are completely off. The controls are so much better than KZ2.

@GodofSackboy bubbles for truth

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Oh god, they didn't fix the controls? WTF! Their probably already producing discs so looks like another release now, patch later situation.

Oh well guess I will not be buying Killzone 3 day 1 either. But as far as the article goes, I know some people are all gung-ho about supporting the developer and all. That doesn't mean we should just walk into our purchases blindly though. More and more I've gone from a Day 1 guy to a wait 3 weeks guy due to the shoddy st...

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Really, I was under the impression that we only piss and moan when said "changes" don't work or make the game a lesser quality than the original.

I'm not saying you shouldn't try new things, but make sure that they are appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. Don't just tack it on all willy nilly;)

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I don't know, the dialogue turned me off but the gameplay was surprisingly enjoyable.

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lol pardon us if we don't take the comment of someone with "Thugin" in their name seriously.

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Forge was ass, and you sir are a Blasphemer!!!

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Best comment ever gets bubbles for the funny!

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Yeah, we can all thank Xbox Live and it's crap peer to peer for lack of dedicated...

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That's not only a great idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened. Bubbles for you my liege! I think that CS: Source had a map editor but not sure what tools were provided or how powerful it was.

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I'm strangely attracted to that Helmet BTW...

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I got burned once years ago by the City of Heroes Collectors Edition, never again...

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I know right, this game is gonna ROCK!

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Dude, you have the best avatar EVER!!! lol

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That would be awesome, but I can smell the nickel & dime strategy a mile away:)

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