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I'll only agree with you on wanting Vita games. But the remote play feature is awesome. I'm leaving pretty soon for college and I'm taking all my things over there...but I shared all my things with my little brother who is in middle school right now. With this feature I can still share MY games on MY ps4 via remote play. Think about that for a second. While I'm not playing my ps4, my little brother can play it while I do something else...like play xbox or watch tv or whatever....

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You're naming games that are not on the vita and all you can do is hope for them. PS4 remote play is awesome...mate.

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It needs games period.

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Petition has been signed. This dude is innocent.

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@Chaostar I've read all of your comments...yeah you clearly don't know what the hell you're talking about. Either that or you just don't want to accept the fact that Microsoft did well on this addition even though they've sucked at most other things.

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Yeah...might be BF4 too...

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Hey it's not my fault Sony showed the better console out of the two for next gen. Hope you have fun twiddling your thumbs when your internet goes out.

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Such a shame to see a good game on a lame ass system. Can't wait for my ps4.

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With more "Bozo The Clown" remotes.

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Hopes? The only one I have is hoping all this dust will come off my damn Vita.

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When one ends up being a lower score than the rest...the fanboys cry and get all butthurt.

Same thing happened to Halo 4 when egm gave it a what?...A 3? And people were so butthurt.

It's just a review...carry on with your life.

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@wastedcells, You're right...now I can wait MORE YEARS for it to come out. Get with the program Sony.

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About damn time.

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The PS controller is crap. This BS about thumbs being in the same position is exactly why the xbox's controller is the better out of the two. My thumbs should not touch each other when playing a damn game! If I could have a ps4 with the xbox controller...then it would be the perfect console.

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I think we should do away with used games period

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Uh...so what the hell is the point of external hard drives? Hello! I can just buy an 1 TB external and use it for my Xbox or, in this case, X1. So your argument for no storage space is redundant.

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I was, or rather still am, actually on the bandwagon to move to the PS side but then I realized something…what Microsoft is doing is indeed a very smart move. It’s one thing to buy a smart TV…but to buy a console that does it for you and play games at the same time is really the “all in one” system they are talking about. Now I don’t need to buy a specific TV to be smart with video services and what not because the X1 will already do that and it will be a lot cheaper to buy the console. Micro...

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As powerful as the PS4 may be...I find it rather funny that it will not play games in 4k...but the "XBone" will.

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You f***ed up Capcom.

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Xbox exclusives, there aren't many, but they're worth it.

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